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Financial assistance for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. How to get?

Für Flüchtlinge


Financial assistance for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. How to get?

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

There is a war going on in Ukraine, so the Netherlands has become one of the destinations for Ukrainian refugees. Citizens of Ukraine living in the Netherlands may be eligible for assistance. This is financial assistance that you can use to pay for your everyday needs.

The basic principle of providing housing allowance and other in-kind benefits to Ukrainian refugees is that they are equivalent to the in-kind benefits provided to asylum seekers and permit holders staying at the Central Asylum Reception Agency.

What are the conditions for receiving assistance?

1) You left Ukraine and have an identity card.

2) You are registered in the basic registration of persons (BRP) as a resident of the municipality. You will then receive a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) which you will need.

3) You have a Dutch bank account number. For help in opening a bank account, contact the refugee assistance center, tel. (06) 59 82 86 29 or (06) 59 82 34 27.

Reimbursement of expenses

Adults and children receive 260 euros per month per person. This money can be used to buy food, clothes and other items of personal use. Refugees living with a host family receive an additional monthly allowance in addition to the accommodation allowance.

Adults receive an additional 215 euros per month, and children - 55 euros per month. You can use this money, for example, to travel on public transport or play sports. You can also use this money to contribute to the costs of the host family, but this is not mandatory.

Living Allowance stops when you take up paid work. You must notify the municipality by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone (0575) 75 02 50. In this case, the payment of the living allowance will stop from the first day of the following month.

Let's say you start work on September 15. Then, from October 1, you will not receive living allowance. This applies only to those who work. Suppose a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter live together in a host family. Daughter starts working. Then the daughter loses her living allowance. The other two - no, they retain the right to help.

Frequently asked questions and answers

I am registered in the municipality, what should I do next?

If you are registered in one of the municipalities in the Netherlands, you can apply for a residence allowance. The municipality will contact you by email to send you the application form.

To apply, you will need:

• Confirmation of registration indicating the citizen service number (BSN)

• Confirmation/letter from the bank or a copy of the bank card

I am not yet registered with the municipality, what should I do?

In order to apply for housing allowance, you must be registered as a resident of the municipality. Or you must make an appointment to register.

Make an appointment for registration in the Basic Register of Persons (BRP).

Level of aid for Ukrainian refugees

Each refugee (adult/child) receives €59.92 per week per person: €46.97 for food and €12.95 for clothing and other personal expenses.

Refugees living in private housing receive additional assistance. This means that refugees who are provided with private housing receive per week:

• First refugee: €59.92 + €75 = €134.92

• Second refugee: €59.92 + €25 = €84.92

• Third/fourth refugee: €59.92 + €12.50 = €72.42

• Fifth and subsequent number of refugees: € 59.92

Daily allowances can be paid in person only after registration. Therefore, it is important for those who conduct a private reception to organize it as soon as possible.

Refugees from Ukraine receive assistance that helps them meet basic life needs, the so-called subsistence allowance.

Refugees from Ukraine living with a host family receive a housing allowance of 260 euros per person per month and, in addition, can receive housing allowance. The allowance for accommodation in host families is 215 euros per month for adults and 55 euros per month for children. Thus, the total monthly allowance for an adult in the host family is 475 euros, and for a minor - 315 euros.

Application for housing assistance

Ukrainians who wish to apply for housing allowance should send an email: [email protected].

The postal shipment will include:

• an application form for receiving a residence allowance in Ukraine

• a copy of an identity document

• a copy of the bank card of the Dutch bank account

In order to receive financial support, you must:

• open an account in a Dutch bank

• be registered in the municipality.

More detailed information on receiving assistance in the Netherlands for Ukrainian refugees can be obtained from the link.