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17 Sep. 2022


Penalty points for drivers in Poland. What has changed since September?



Penalty points for drivers in Poland. What has changed since September?

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Poland has its own punishment system for driver violations. In addition to fines, there is an accrual of penalty points for various points of traffic rules that are violated by the driver. The accumulation of such points can lead to the loss of a driver's license and the right to drive a vehicle.

The Polish authorities have decided to make an adjustment to the penalty points system. Therefore, from September 17, the changes will affect all drivers. Namely:

• the maximum number of penalty points for a violation will be 15 points (before changes - 10);

• the period during which points are stored, 2 years (before changes - 1 year).

The maximum allowed accumulated number of points for one driver remains unchanged:

• for new drivers (up to 2 years of experience) - 21 points;

• for experienced - 24 points.

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Each driver can check the availability and number of accumulated points in two ways:

• Come to the police station on your own with an identity card and make a request. This is the only way to get an official document.

• Use the online service via the website (only if you have an ePUAP profile). To do this, in the "Drivers and vehicles" section, select the "Check your penalty points" item. After authorization (profil zaufany), the system sends the user to a page containing information about the current number of points.

If the driver has a number of penalty points equal to or greater than the maximum, then the police automatically sends him to re-examine the theory and practice of driving. By the time the exams are retaken, such a driver is deprived of the right to drive a vehicle.