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22 Sep. 2022


Patriotic merch from Visit Ukraine: more than just clothes


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Patriotic merch from Visit Ukraine: more than just clothes

Order Visit Ukraine branded merch (worldwide delivery)
Order Visit Ukraine branded merch (worldwide delivery)

Clothing is not only about comfort and style, it is a philosophy. The Visit Ukraine team believes that a thing acquires the greatest meaning only when it carries a certain idea.

Currently, all Ukrainians are united by only one idea - VICTORY, but the way to it lies through long and painstaking daily work: supporting the army, developing the economy, popularizing Ukraine in the world.

Ukrainians do the impossible and create miracles every day, each of us is fighting on his own front, so our clothes should be appropriate.

"Lightness, convenience, and most importantly - the message" is the slogan of our brand. A t-shirt or hoodie from Visit Ukraine is not just a thing, because it contains many components:

 • Stylish patriotic print attracts attention and tells the world about your idea.

 • Support of the army - 25% of the proceeds are given to the Armed Forces.

 • Economic development - we create new jobs, pay taxes.

Currently, several merch collections from Visit Ukraine are available, in particular, Freedom and Love is..., which include basic and practical items - t-shirts and hoodies, as well as accessories - hats, socks, shopping bags, travel pillows, suitcase covers.

A piece of clothing or accessory can be a cool wardrobe staple and a great gift or souvenir. In production, we use only the highest quality materials.

On the website (https://visitukraine.shop/) you can familiarize yourself with the range, order and pay. We ship worldwide (delivery up to 10 days).

Support Ukraine, travel through Ukraine, become an ambassador of Ukraine in the world, because it is unique, fantastic and will definitely win!