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01 Sep. 2022


Top Ukraine's most beautiful places to visit in September


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Top Ukraine's most beautiful places to visit in September

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Early autumn is a great time for short trips. It's still warm outside, but it's not hot anymore. The Visit Ukraine team has collected for you the best locations of our country that are worth visiting this September.

Hike to the Blue Lagoon in Zakarpattia

Walking tour through the wonderful places of Zakarpattia. In a day you will walk about 15 kilometers, you will see a mountain river, steep mountain slopes, and dense forest. On the way we plan to visit a wooden church from the 17th century, and the reward for the long trip is a mountain river lagoon. If the weather allows, you can swim in the lagoon.

Departure from Uzhgorod.

Park Necklace

Two-day tour with overnight stay in the best arboretums in Ukraine: Alexandria Park in Bila Tserkva and Sofia Park in Uman. On the way we will stop at interesting locations in the town of Smela in Cherkassy and Buk Canyon.

Departure from the Dnipro.

Five Castles of Podolia and Rusilov Waterfalls

Ternopil region is the richest in old castle ruins. During the tour we will visit five of the most interesting of them - fascinating stories about valiant battles and picturesque landscapes near ancient ruins. The program of the trip includes either a visit to Rusilovsky waterfalls or the monastery in Rukomysh and the village Podzamochek. The itinerary depends on the state of the road to the waterfalls and the weather conditions.

Departure from the city of Chernivtsi.

Kamenets-Podolski and Smotrytsky Canyon

Excursion for those who like to walk a lot. During the walking tour you can enjoy a stroll through the old town and the canyon of the Smotrycz River. And the tour ends with a visit to Kamyanets-Podolsky fortress.

Synevyr: the Pearl of Mezhehirya

Excursion to the mountainous lake Synevyr which is called one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. On the way we will see one of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls Shipot, climb to the top of Mount Gymba and meet the residents of the bear rehabilitation center. The tour includes a delicious lunch in a Hutsul hut.

Departure from Uzhgorod.

We wish you good travels!