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27 Sep. 2022


How to surrender: step-by-step instructions for Russians and forcibly mobilized Ukrainians



How to surrender: step-by-step instructions for Russians and forcibly mobilized Ukrainians

A video on our YouTube channel about how Russian soldiers surrender to the Armed Forces
A video on our YouTube channel about how Russian soldiers surrender to the Armed Forces

The president of the Russian Federation announced a "partial mobilization" in the country, and residents of the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, in particular Crimea, are already being drafted into the Russian army. We tell you how to avoid serving in the Russian army and how to surrender if you are drafted.

What to do if you are mobilized to the Russian army in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean peninsula?

According to, it is necessary:

• By all available means, try to avoid or sabotage the mobilization.

• Avoid personal delivery of summonses and calls from the occupation military registration and enlistment offices. As long as you have not received a summons, you are not considered to have been notified. 

• Official summonses may also arrive in Russian mobile applications of admin service, so delete these applications or "lose" your smartphone - change your phone number or temporarily stop using it.

• If there is an opportunity to leave the territory of occupied Crimea and Russia, do it immediately, go to any other country. Be sure to check whether there are no roadblocks on your way and whether your exit is blocked through.

• If you cannot leave, try to hide on Russian territory. But be aware of possible risks: there are CCTV cameras with facial recognition on the streets of Russian cities - if possible, avoid public spaces where they are installed.

• If you did not manage to leave Crimea - temporarily change your place of residence and do not inform anyone about it in any way, do not open the door to strangers.

What to do if you do receive a summons?

Do not go straight to the enlistment office, try to "get lost" or sick again. Check the list of diseases or injuries that, according to the Russian law, will allow you to avoid mobilization or postpone it - this is not a hundred percent guarantee, but there is a chance that you will not pass the medical commission. For a list of illnesses, see the appendix to the regulations on military-medical examination, approved by State Duma Decree No. 565 on July 4, 2013.

In the case, if they came to your home, called, met you on the street - do not refuse the draft, but justify the reasons why you can not come to the enlistment office for the time being. For example: health status, constant care for loved ones with an inadequate state of health, guardian or custodian status of minor siblings, motherless child-rearing, having two or more children, full-time education in educational institutions, having a child and a pregnant wife, and so on. 

Beware of scammers

Keep in mind that the Russian Federation is a corrupt country, and in the temporarily occupied territories the level of corruption can be even higher. Be careful, because swindlers may offer you a certificate of deferment, and demand bribes, for which you may be criminally liable.

If you have not managed to avoid mobilization - surrender to the Ukrainian Army. 

How to surrender?

If you are a citizen of Ukraine from the temporarily occupied territories - do not follow the criminal orders of the Russians, which can lead to civilian casualties or the destruction of civilian infrastructure. Otherwise, such actions will be classified as international crimes without statute of limitations, so sooner or later you will incur responsibility under Ukrainian law and international law.

As soon as you enter the territory controlled by Ukraine, surrender at the first opportunity and report that you are a citizen of Ukraine from the occupied territory. Even in the absence of supporting documents, this fact will be established. Ukraine will list you "as captured in combat.

Attention! The 24-hour hotline of the Coordinating Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War works for Russian military personnel who want to surrender. Military personnel themselves, as well as their relatives, can apply:

Telegram and WhatsApp:

+380 95 68 86 888

+380 93 68 86 888

+380 97 68 86 888

For calls:

+380 44 35 08 917

688 (only from Ukrainian numbers)

Information is also available in the chatbot in Telegram @spasisebyabot.

Who may be taken prisoner of war?

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and other Ukrainian military formations. For example, the Territorial Defense Forces, the National Police, the National Guard, and the Security Service of Ukraine.

How to surrender if you are alone?

• Unbuckle the magazine and hang the weapon on your left shoulder with the barrel down

• Raise and show your empty hands

• Pull up the white cloth.

• Shout loudly, "Zdayusʹ!"

• Approach on command.

• Comply with the demands of the Ukrainians

How to surrender to a group or an entire unit?

• Stack all weapons in front of you at a distant distance.

• Stand directly in front of the military equipment. Silence it; it should not be in a fighting position.

• Choose a negotiator to notify the Ukrainian military of their desire to surrender. This should be an officer or the most senior in rank. With a white flag and no weapons.

What guarantees are provided to Russian prisoners of war?

The right to life and observance of the prohibition of torture in accordance with international law. Amnesty for those who voluntarily surrendered military equipment and laid down their weapons. You will also be able to call your relatives and friends. 

What will happen to Russian servicemen after surrendering?

Russian servicemen are released by exchanging for Ukrainian prisoners of war or after the end of the war. They return to their country. Prisoners are given back all seized property, money, and valuable items.

All those who voluntarily surrendered will be documented as captured in combat. This is to protect servicemen from possible criminal prosecution after they return home.

Soldiers who surrendered to the AFU will also have the opportunity to join the international legion on anonymous terms and fight with many of their compatriots against the criminal regime of modern Russia.

We will remind you! You can find out about how Russian men try to avoid mobilization in the Russian Federation, where they try to go and the reaction of the international community to the crazy actions of the Russian dictator in our material at the link.