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The uninvented HRUSHEVSKY in the chapels of old Lviv

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The Lviv period in Hrushevskyi's life was quite long (20 years) and rich. So let's go on a journey through Hrushevsky's 14 Lviv addresses, and the scenery for the tour will be the glorious city of Lviv, because its buildings and streets, churches and... even the cobblestones still retain the energy of this Great Ukrainian.

Dates: every day

Duration: 3 hours

Excursion cost:

  - group of 1-4 persons - UAH 1,270

  - group of 5-10 people - UAH 1,570

  - group of 11-15 people - UAH 1,630

  - group of 16-20 people - UAH 1,810

  - more than 20 people - coordinate with the manager

(For groups of more than 20 people, radio systems are additionally paid for. The price is UAH 50 per person)

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian

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We find out what led to the arrival of the young 28-year-old historian to Lviv and what the main work of his life was started in our city. Let's see the places where he worked, lived, created, and talk about what Mykhailo Hrushevskyi was like in real life. After all, he was not only a statesman - he was a son and a father, a husband and a friend, a colleague and an opponent. During the excursion, we will learn about the love story of the Hrushevskyi family and about the only sweet "sweetie" of Mykhailo Serhiyevich; how he could argue with his students for several hours over Lviv coffee, and how he knew how to forgive. We will talk about how, how did those who were around evaluate his work? And how does the personality of a historian appear to our contemporaries? And, perhaps, once again we will think - who is Hrushevsky - is he a scientist after all, or is he also a politician?

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They say that the locals know their city better than anyone, you had the opportunity to hear all the secrets from someone who lives here.



The cultural capital of Western Ukraine...See Paris and die? No! See Lviv and be resurrected!



European city - European prices? Similar excursions in other European cities cost a lot of money, and with us it is cheaper and even more interesting.



Are you having any difficulties or something is unclear? We will not let you get lost, our managers will always support you on your journey and help you solve all the troubles.



Our 50-hryvnia historian is not just a historian - he is a very important political figure in the history of Ukraine!

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Professional guide

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.