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How life is arranged in Turkey: key differences from Ukraine

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How life is arranged in Turkey: key differences from Ukraine

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Official merch from Visit Ukraine: wear "Ukrainian", support the country

Turkey is a special country that was located on the border of Europe and Asia and absorbed the features of each of the regions. Different people, customs, cultures are intertwined in the Turkish color. About how life is organized in the country and what features await Ukrainians in the future.

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Weather in Turkey

The period from September to May is considered the most comfortable for life. In summer, the temperature reaches 40-45 degrees, so you should be ready to use air conditioning all the time. In winter, the temperature in the south of the country does not fall below 10 degrees, on average even 15-17 degrees, in the north and west it is slightly lower. Winter in Turkey is mostly a rainy season, but sometimes it can even snow.


Turks speak English quite well, especially in resort regions and large cities. Therefore, in order to feel comfortable in health care facilities, banks or shops, sometimes a basic knowledge of English will be enough.

Many Belarusians, Kazakhs, Russians, and Ukrainians who speak Russian live in the country, and some Turks also have basic knowledge in connection with the touristic features.

Knowledge of Turkish is necessary for employment in the country.

Culture and mentality

The culture of Turkey is special, characteristic of a Muslim state, because 98% of the population practice Islam. Prayers are held five times a day, which are announced by the muezzins from the minarets. Mosques are built all over the country, even in small villages. They are open to visitors, but we do not recommend going there during namaz. You should also choose closed and non-bright clothes for the visit.

Turks are quite emotional - they talk loudly and actively express their feelings. However, they attach great importance to etiquette - they are always polite, friendly and ready to help. Family is important in the life of Turks. Close relatives usually live next to each other. There are practically no lonely elderly people or homeless children in the state. Lunches and dinners in the country are family events where friends are invited.

Also, when visiting the eastern bazaar, be prepared to bargain. Do not be afraid to argue with the seller, you can reduce the prices of clothes, products, shoes, souvenirs by 30-50%.

Housing rent

On average, renting an apartment for a small family will cost $300 per month, utilities will cost another $100. It is interesting that there is no centralized gas supply in Turkey. It is brought in cylinders. Central heating is also not present everywhere, Turks use convectors and other electronic devices for heating.

It is very difficult to find a small apartment in Turkey. Also, the principle of calculating rooms is not usual for us in the country, instead of the usual one-room or two-room apartment, you will find here the wording 3+2 or 1+1, where the first number will mean the number of bedrooms, and the second - living rooms.


The level of food prices is close to Ukrainian prices, sometimes even lower. However, meat, especially red meat, is expensive. Due to religious characteristics, it is difficult to find pork in general in the country. High prices for alcohol and cigarettes. Smoking electronic cigarettes, including IQOS, is prohibited.

Prices in cafes and restaurants are moderate, portions are large. A developed system of fast food: shawarma and balik ekmek. International fast food chains operate in large cities.

Turks are very fond of drinking tea and coffee. They are cooked according to traditional recipes. However, the usual Americano and cappuccino can also be found.

Public transport and cars

In Istanbul and other large cities of the country, the public transport system is quite developed. Buses, trams, ferries have a clear schedule and move according to it. However, if you plan to live in a small or resort town, the situation may be a little worse there: taxis are expensive, there is no bus schedule, and sometimes you have to wait 20-30 minutes at the bus stop.

Buying a used car in the country is very expensive due to high taxes. For a car that will cost $12,000-$15,000 in Ukraine, you will have to pay $25,000-$28,000 in Turkey. To be more mobile, you can rent a car for several days. Also, Turkish legislation allows cars with Ukrainian registration to be imported into the country for up to 2 years. For this, it is necessary to drive him to the country on his own, register and buy insurance.

Banking system

The banking sector in Turkey is not as developed as in Ukraine. Here you may encounter service fees, long queues and complicated account blocking and unblocking systems. The functionality of bank applications is also a little simpler than in Ukraine.


In Turkey, it is mandatory to have travel health insurance, which will provide access to services in Turkish hospitals. It is worth noting that it is at a high level here. European protocols are used in the treatment. Antibiotics are sold by prescription. A pleasant bonus will be the level of prices for dental services - they are at the Ukrainian level in Turkey, sometimes even cheaper.

Communication and Internet

Internet and mobile services are much more expensive than in Ukraine. You will have to pay 500 hryvnias per month for home Internet with a speed of about 50 Mbit/s. The basic tariff for mobile communication will cost within 200 hryvnias per month.

Also, the Government of Turkey is actively fighting against illegally imported mobile devices. Therefore, after staying in the country for more than 4 months, you should be prepared that your phone will be blocked, the device itself, not the SIM card. We talked about how to unlock the phone earlier.

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