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31 Okt. 2022


The war in Ukraine: how to maintain calm and endurance in the face of mass air attacks

The war in Ukraine: how to maintain calm and endurance in the face of mass air attacks

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7
Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Since the morning, Ukraine has again been under increased missile attacks. It is expected that the enemy will continue to strike critical infrastructure in various cities of our country in the near future. We will talk about how to keep calm and endurance in such difficult conditions and how to control feelings of fear.

1) Learn to understand yourself, relieve your psyche and don't block your emotions

Allow yourself to feel and show real (and not externally provoked) emotions. By restraining them, you prevent them from fulfilling the function of relieving the psyche. Therefore, laugh when you are happy or joyful, cry or grieve when you are sad, hurt or bitter, keep silent when you don't want to talk, and communicate with those who are really important to you.

Remember that a person can feel calm in any situation - even in the epicenter of critical events.

2) Be ready to react to the threat in a timely and adequate manner, without panic

The war is on, so the shelling will probably continue until Russia loses the ability to hit us with its weapons. The regularity and strength of the attacks can be different, but it is very important that everyone is morally ready to respond to any threat in a timely and adequate manner, without panic.

Accept that fear is normal.

First and foremost, fear is a threat notification system. Don't be afraid to be afraid, but remember that fear (like any other emotion you have) should work for you, not you for it.

3) Live actively, do not postpone life for "after the war"

Do not forget that life does not disappear, but only changes, when changing from peaceful to war. So, you need to keep living, take care of each other and yourself - in every moment of life and exactly where you are now.

4) Maintain an active position

An active position involves careful observation of the situation, and not chaotic fussing over various channels of information. Try to soberly analyze the situation based on the available information, and not panic.

5) Learn to make your own informed decisions and treat trials as experiences

When faced with a test, we have the opportunity to show new qualities and turn the acquired experience into an asset. The test provides a chance for personal growth for everyone. And the nationwide — creates good conditions for the nation to grow up.

6) Follow the safety rules, pack an alarming suitcase

When you hear the alarm signal, immediately go to the shelter. Alarm suitcases should always be ready - each family member has his own. Regularly check and replenish the alarming suitcase, bag or backpack.

Attention! The list of things that should be put in an emergency suitcase and the basic rules that will save lives during missile strikes can be found at the link.

7) Consider possible evacuation routes and study the route to the shelter in advance

Think of evacuation routes from the places where you are or may be, taking into account different scenarios. Carefully follow the notifications of the authorities.

Attention! Read about how to stay in touch if the mobile network is not available here.

It should be noted that the route to a safe place must be known. Calculate the time to shelter from a place you regularly visit. Do it together with the child, elderly parents. If you are going to a new place or visiting - check the map of shelters in the destination city and on the way to it

It is especially worth doing for those who returned to Ukraine from evacuation recently.

Find out about where to look for shelter if there is no bomb shelter nearby and what you cannot take with you to the shelter at the link.

8) Seek help in time

It is very important to consult a psychologist or other specialist if necessary. If you ignore the signals of the psyche, you can make the situation quite difficult. But even such a situation can be successfully handled - the main thing is to contact a qualified specialist.

Keep yourselves!