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06 Nov. 2022


Return to Poland: how to restore PESEL UKR and the right to financial assistance

Für Flüchtlinge


Return to Poland: how to restore PESEL UKR and the right to financial assistance

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

More than 80 thousand citizens of Ukraine were left without payments as a result of a long departure from Poland, that is, due to violations of the conditions of stay in the country. As you know, a one-time departure for a period of more than 30 days cancels the status of temporary protection in Poland and all issued payments.

Is it possible to restore the status of UKR, and what is needed for this?

UKR status can be restored. To do this, you need to come to the office (Urząd) of the city in which you arrived and, after explaining the situation, submit a request for a status update. And further actions are exactly the same as when you first received UKR.

At the moment, it is not known if the status can be updated multiple times, but this option can definitely be used once.

In addition, by restoring the status of UKR, you automatically receive the status of legal residence. It will allow you to stay in Poland not for 90 days, but for 18 months. Also, with the status of UKR, you can count on free medical care.

In what cases can you lose payments?

It is important to understand that financial assistance in Poland is intended only for people living in this country. Therefore, if a person leaves Poland for a period of not more than 30 days allotted for leaving the country without losing status, but does this constantly, spending more time in Ukraine, he may lose this assistance.

Such people may receive payments for some time, but then they will be told to return them back.

What if the money is not returned?

The situation is new, and it is not yet clear what the Polish authorities can do in this case. It is likely that people who violated the rules and did not return the funds paid may not be allowed into Poland.

How to stay in Poland after 18 months under UKR status?

In order to extend your stay in this country, you need to get a Karta czasowego pobytu (temporary residence card). However, there is currently no possibility to make an appointment, since you can make an appointment to submit documents only 9 months after entering the territory of Poland. So far, these 9 months for people with UKR status have not passed.

However, it is also worth considering that you need to wait another 2.5 months for an appointment to issue a Resident permit, and after that - a few more months to wait for the card itself.

How and when people will be able to get a Resident permit will become clear at the end of November or the beginning of December.

Which of the Ukrainians living in Poland will not be able to receive payments?

Citizens who have left Poland for more than 30 days will not be able to receive payments under the "500+" and "Family Guardianship Capital" (RKO) programs.

It is worth understanding that the Border Service of Poland understands how long a person has left the country and how often he does so. Therefore, if refugees leave Poland for more than a month, the authorities stop charging them financial assistance.

Grounds for stopping payments to Ukrainian refugees:

• data from recipients about the occurrence of circumstances leading to the loss of the right to payments;
• information from the register of the border service;
• summoning Ukrainian refugees to Social Security Administration to provide proof of residence in Poland (must come within three days);
• data from third parties on the departure of Ukrainian refugees from Poland for more than 30 days.

We will remind you! Refugees from Ukraine, who have found refuge in Poland since the start of the full-scale war, are no longer receiving aid. How not to lose it, read the link.