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19 Nov. 2022


You can’t kiss while driving: what fines Ukrainians can face in Spain



You can’t kiss while driving: what fines Ukrainians can face in Spain

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Spain is one of the countries where Ukrainians found refuge during a full-scale war. Also, people go to this state to visit world-famous resorts and attractions. However, not everyone knows what curious and specific administrative penalties can be faced in this country.

Penalty is translated as Multa in Spanish. If you hear this word, then something has been violated!

It should be noted that Spain has very strict traffic rules. Accordingly, a considerable fine will have to be paid for their violation:

Food while driving. Law enforcement officers in Spain believe that snacking while driving can greatly distract the driver from the situation on the road. Therefore, such actions threaten the life and health of other road users.

You can be fined up to 200 euros for this violation.

A kiss behind the wheel. Just like with food, a kiss can distract the driver, and this can lead to irreversible consequences.

If you are caught, you will have to pay 80 euros.

Inappropriate clothing. In Spain, it is illegal to drive in clothing that may cause discomfort to the driver, for example: driving in flip-flops, barefoot or with a bare torso.

Law enforcement officers can issue a fine of up to 200 euros.

This category of fines also includes offenses for driving while wearing bulky clothing such as a winter jacket or coat (it is not illegal, but your clothing should not be bulky).

Loud music in the car. You can be fined for playing music in a car near a rest area or hospitals.

Fines can be as follows: 80, 100 and 2400 euros.

Car signal. You face this penalty in almost any EU country, including Spain, if you use the signal in a situation that is not considered an emergency.

The fine is 80 euros.

Elbow outside the window. We have all at least once seen drivers who like to drive with their elbow on the window. In Spain, there may be an administrative penalty for this.

The amount is 100 euros.

Self-washing the car in an inappropriate place. In Spain, you need to choose a place to wash your car yourself, as it is prohibited in many areas.

For this violation, you can lose 751 euros.

Crossing the road at a red light or in an unauthorized place. A common fine in many countries of the world.

In Spain, you will have to pay 200 euros for this violation.

Standard fines for traffic violations:

• Speeding - 100-600 euros;

• Use of the telephone - 200 euros;

• Not wearing a seat belt, not using a child seat – 200 €;

• Violation of overtaking rules, running a red light - from 200 euros;

• Drunk driving – 500-1000 €;

• Anti-radar - 3000-6000 €;

What specific violations in Spain can leave you without money?

Everyone knows that Spain is a country washed by the sea and the ocean. Beach vacation is one of the most common pastimes, not only for tourists, but also for the Spaniards themselves. And some may not know that in this country, bare torso is allowed only on the beach. Therefore, if you go out to the city in this form, you will be fined for walking around naked - 300 euros.

Shopping is also popular in Spain. In addition to brand boutiques, in this country there are stores right on the street where you can buy the same brands, but much cheaper. Of course, it will be a fake, but the price can be tempting. So, for buying a counterfeit, you can receive a fine of 20,000 euros.

General prohibitions

In Spain, there are a number of simple rules of conduct that should not be broken. For example, drinking alcoholic beverages on the street and smoking in public places are prohibited in the country.

Recommendation if you have been fined in Spain

If a policeman stops you and is about to issue a fine, do not argue with him, do not raise your voice or threaten him. A fine of 600 euros is also provided for a dispute in raised tones with a representative of the law.

We will remind you! The laws of the countries to which Ukrainians go in connection with the war may differ significantly from the Ukrainian laws. Earlier, we told you what you can't do in Germany to avoid getting fined.