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17 Nov. 2022


Which EU countries are ready to accept a new wave of refugees from Ukraine?

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Which EU countries are ready to accept a new wave of refugees from Ukraine?

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Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

In September, the number of Ukrainians who sought asylum in European countries decreased significantly, the most in Poland, Germany and France. However, in connection with the attacks on the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine, experts predict the hardest winter in the history of the state. Taking these facts into account, a number of European countries have started preparing for a new wave of refugees.

Which EU countries are ready to accept Ukrainians?

Eastern European countries bordering Ukraine plan to resume the work of volunteer refugee reception centers. The rest of the states are preparing housing and funds for social support of forced migrants.

The Government of Slovakia has developed an action plan in an emergency situation and provided for the possible reception of up to 700,000 Ukrainians in 3 months. Volunteers in eastern Slovak cities are already talking about increasing the number of Ukrainians by 15%. Rules for registration of protection in Slovakia at the link.

Hungary also predicts the increase of Ukrainians in the state. Even now, 300-500 people are arriving in the country per day, but it is not as high as it was at the beginning of spring, when Hungary received about 1,000 Ukrainians every day. The country provides asylum seekers with temporary protection, financial support and simplified employment conditions.

The Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolai Chuke, stated that the country was one of the first states to approve the plan for the integration of refugees from Ukraine into Romanian society, and this plan is constantly updated according to the situation with Ukrainian refugees. The country is already deploying the necessary means along the border to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees, and such activities are also unfolding throughout the country. The state leadership has already identified the facilities where they plan to settle refugees during the new wave, and also allocated funds for financial and social support of Ukrainians in Romania.

Poland has already prepared about 100,000 places in reception centers for the new wave of refugees from Ukraine. However, so far, the country has not recorded an increase in the flow of asylum seekers from Ukraine. An online service of help points for Ukrainians was created in the country.

In Germany, a new influx of Ukrainians is expected due to the severe winter. Additional seats are being built on the site of the former capital airport "Tegel" in Berlin. It can accommodate 3,600 people. In general, the City Senate believes that by the end of the year it is necessary to create housing for 10,000 people. However, currently the number of immigrants arriving in Germany has decreased significantly, to 150 people per day. Rules for issuing temporary protection in Germany at the link.

The number of refugees from Ukraine registered in Lithuania has exceeded 70,000, but the country is preparing for a new wave, the country's officials say. Useful information for Ukrainians at the link.

Bulgaria is also conducting preparatory work and is waiting for the Ukrainians. However, upon arrival, new refugees will not be accommodated in hotels, as was the case before, but first in a single temporary center in the city of Yelhovo. Then, within 30 days, they will be transferred to state bases, where cosmetic repairs are promised. In the state, Ukrainians can apply for temporary protection status.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Estonia believes that up to 75,000 Ukrainians may be in the country by the end of 2023. Currently, there are 61,500 of our fellow citizens in the country, but only 37% of them have obtained the status of temporary protection.

Iceland actively supports Ukrainians. The country has joined the European initiatives to support refugees from Ukraine and is waiting for forced migrants.

Which countries impose restrictions on the new wave of Ukrainians?

So far, only the Czech Republic has said that if shelling of Ukrainian critical infrastructure by the Russian military causes a new wave of refugees from Ukraine, the Czech Republic will have a hard time coping with it. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, Vik Rakushan, said that the Czech Republic will be able to accept another half a million refugees from Ukraine in addition to the approximately 350,000 Ukrainians already present. Rules of entry and processing of a humanitarian visa in the country at the link.

The rest of the European countries did not make statements about their inability to accept Ukrainians. From this we can conclude that currently all the countries of the region are ready to support Ukrainians. Also, the other day, the European Commission allocated an additional 100 million euros to the seven member states that accept the largest number of refugees from Ukraine: Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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