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28 Nov. 2022


All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds: what is it and how to take part



All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds: what is it and how to take part

Order branded Visit Ukraine merchandise and support Ukraine (worldwide delivery)
Order branded Visit Ukraine merchandise and support Ukraine (worldwide delivery)

On Tuesday, November 29, the All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds - Generous Tuesday will be held. This day inspires millions of people to do good deeds. Nowadays, Generous Tuesday is more relevant than ever, because against the background of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, everyone can help people who are in a very difficult situation.

The history of this day

Generous Tuesday (Giving Tuesday in English) was founded in 2012 in the USA and, thanks to thousands of participants, has spread around the world. It was created with a simple idea: to encourage people to do good deeds. However, over the past 10 years, this event has turned into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people around the world to do good.

Ukraine joined the event in November 2018.

After the bloody war covered Ukraine, help and good deeds became an integral part of our lives. Over the past 9 months, most Ukrainians have at least once participated in any meetings for the army and people who suffered from Russian aggression.

Helping in 2022 has become very popular. And in this case, help should not rest only on the material basis, since every repost and any activity will allow spreading and popularize charity at such a difficult time.

What options for assistance are provided to Ukraine today?

After massive shelling of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, the country faced a shortage of electricity. Therefore, firstly, for today, the allies are allocating aid that can at least somehow solve this problem.

Ukraine has already received several batches of generators and financial assistance to eliminate the consequences of Russian terrorist crimes.

Kyiv is helped by almost all the countries of the West and even the Far East: the USA, EU countries and some countries of the European and Asian continents.

In addition, the Ukrainian government is currently looking for ways to purchase additional electricity from neighboring countries, such as Romania and Poland.

Also, Ukrainian friends continue to provide military and humanitarian aid, which directly affects the course of the war and the offensive operations of the Armed Forces.

What does the Visit Ukraine team offer?

Unfortunately, not every Ukrainian has the opportunity to prepare for an extremely difficult winter so as not to freeze in their own home. Therefore, we must work together to provide the basic needs of those in need.

We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We collect funds for:

• Power banks ($25 donation)

• Flashlights ($5 donation)

• Warm blankets ($10 donation)

• Storage and shelter device - warm seats ($3 donation)

Or package assistance (donate $43)

You can deposit any amount in a convenient way from any corner of the world. For more information on how to help Ukrainians survive the winter, read the link.