Help Ukraine survive the winter

The light that illuminates liberty!

In the eternal struggle of two opposing forces, good always wins over evil. Both of these forces are powerful, but one of them is noble, life-giving, and the other is terrible, cruel, destructive.

Cynicism, cruelty and treachery of russia shocked the whole world. First, through the attack and illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories, then through the rocket attacks on residential buildings and the killing of civilians, then – torture and abuse of both civilians and military, now – the genocide of Ukrainians by depriving them of communications before winter.

They regularly hit critical infrastructure, leaving millions of Ukrainians without electricity, water, heating, communications... Having failed to take Ukraine by force, putin seems to believe that darkness and cold will break our will and thirst for freedom, democracy, and victory over the enemy.

Our power engineers, electricians, public utilities and rescuers perform a feat every day, faithfully doing their job, returning light and warmth to our homes. But as of today, in some regions the situation is critical – forced emergency power cuts are introduced, which last for hours.

Unfortunately, not every Ukrainian has the opportunity to prepare for an extremely difficult winter in order not to freeze in their own homes. Therefore, together we must provide the basic needs of those who need it.

We need your help to give Ukrainians light and warmth. We are currently raising funds for:

   • Power banks (donate 25$)

   • Flashlights (donate 5$)

   • Warm blankets (donate 10$)

   • Equipment for bomb shelters - warm seats (donate 3$)
   • Or package assistance (donate 43$)

You can donate any amount in a convenient way from any corner of the world.

Light always conquers darkness!

One day Ukraine will win and shine again, and our enemies will fade away forever.

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186,449 people
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