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06 Mär. 2022


Emergency help for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine



Emergency help for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has established an emergency hotline for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine because of the Russian armed aggression.

Those who require assistance can call (Viber and Telegram also available) the following numbers: 




For Chinese citizens:


电话:+380 (99) 247 90 83

邮箱:[email protected]


For Indian citizens:

+380 (93) 077 83 77

For citizens of Iran / Pakistan:

+380 (93) 075 25 51

The questionnaire has also been created for collecting basic information about students and their whereabouts in order to advise them on the means available for their departure:

Please note that despite extremely difficult conditions, the Ukrainian government has continued to keep all checkpoints on the western border open, 24 hours a day. Checks and check-in operations have been simplified as much as possible and the list of necessary documents has been minimized.

Citizens of all nationalities who are traversing the border are asked to comply with law and order and to act responsibly in light of the challenging situation. Those who are crossing are asked to have documents ready and to be as organized as possible.