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13 Mai. 2023


Military assistance to Ukraine: which countries provide support publicly and which hide arms supplies

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Military assistance to Ukraine: which countries provide support publicly and which hide arms supplies

russia's attack on Ukraine has united the international community in ensuring international security and preventing the spread of russian aggression. Find out more about which countries pursue their own goals by supporting our country and why some of them hide their assistance

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Today, international support is one of the main factors that stimulate Ukraine's victory on the battlefield against the russian invaders. But let's see if all countries provide assistance based on the needs of our country.

The main motives that encourage world leaders to support Ukraine included the following:

  • Social and economic;
  • Military, political and strategic;
  • Geopolitical.

However, another important motive is the desire to destroy the racist empire without using their own human resources, i.e. without losses. After all, Ukraine has become a shield against russia, especially for Europe. And NATO member states that do not border either russia or Ukraine still understand that if russia goes further and attacks the Baltic States or Poland, they will also have to enter the war. And, of course, it is much easier for them to provide the necessary support for our country than to wage a war on their own.

In addition, by supplying arms and humanitarian aid to our country, countries stimulate their own economies, generating additional revenue for the budget and creating new jobs, which ultimately reduces social tension in society. They also get the opportunity to test new types of weapons and equipment, not only in artificial conditions.

So we can conclude that despite the sympathy of the people of Western countries, the motives for assistance pursued by their leaders are purely pragmatic.

Which countries help Ukraine the most and do not hide it?

The United States of America

Today, the United States is the leader in providing military and financial assistance. Since 24 February 2022, America has provided more than $33 billion in aid, including:

  • About 20 billion was allocated for military support. In particular, armored vehicles for infantry, anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems, multiple launch rocket systems, long-range missiles and ammunition for donated and Ukrainian equipment, small arms, protective ammunition, etc.;
  • about 13 billion were transferred to our country to maintain financial stability. Funds have been and continue to be provided in the form of guarantees and loans and grants.

In addition, the United States is constantly training our soldiers on its territory and has already accepted more than 100,000 refugees from Ukraine. 

The United Kingdom

The UK ranks second after the US in terms of the amount of assistance provided, including the provision of Ukrainian refugees. The total amount allocated for humanitarian, economic and military aid exceeds 4 billion pounds, of which more than half, namely 2.3 billion pounds, was spent on armored vehicles and tanks, long-range rocket launchers, artillery fire systems, anti-tank systems and ammunition. 

In addition, the Ukrainian military is constantly undergoing training in the UK and is learning how to use the equipment provided.

EU countries

The total amount of loans and grants received by Ukraine from EU member states in 2022 was €9 billion. For the current year, 2023, the EU budget includes another €18 billion in financial assistance for our country. 

In addition, EU countries have allocated: 

  • 3.6 billion euros for the purchase and transfer of necessary ammunition, armored vehicles, fuel, ammunition, etc.;
  • 485 million euros for humanitarian aid.

The fact that the European Union has accepted almost 8 million refugees from Ukraine deserves special attention. The largest number of Ukrainians currently reside in Poland (1.5 million), Germany (1 million) and the Czech Republic (0.5 million).

Poland is the undisputed leader in providing humanitarian aid among EU member states. According to a report published by the independent German think tank Kiel Institute, the cost of financial aid alone, namely expenditures on refugees, amounted to 2% of Poland's GDP.

Among all the EU countries that provided funding for Ukraine (excluding refugee aid), Estonia ranked first. Latvia and Lithuania are in second and third place. Poland is in fourth place. 

Germany, France, and Italy have made equally significant contributions to help Ukraine, but experts believe that these countries are forced to do so because of pressure from businessmen in the military-industrial sector, driven by a desire to make money. In addition, government officials, in particular members of the Bundestag, put pressure on Germany.

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Who does not advertise their assistance to Ukraine and why?

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, which analyzed and evaluated how different countries help our country, a certain "Data Transparency Index" was created, which took into account the following aspects:

  • Availability of official data on aid;
  • whether the government has announced the total amount of support;
  • monetary value of the aid;
  • whether there is officially published data on the amount of military equipment provided.

Thus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Greece are not on the list of states that provide assistance in a public way.

And among those who advertise their aid the most are the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

Why does Ukraine need help from other countries, and why is it still not enough?

According to a report published by the Center for Economic Strategies, 60% of all additional funding received by the Ukrainian budget as of the end of 2022 was contributed by international partners. This suggests that it is external financial stimulation that helps Ukraine continue its fight against racism and prevent financial and economic collapse and bankruptcy. Without this assistance, we would have exhausted all our internal resources. And we are talking not only about money, but also about weapons.

Despite the significant support of the international community, the main problem is that it takes a long time for weapons and ammunition to reach Ukraine. And if this mechanism worked faster, we could have already liberated a significant part of our territories from the russian horde and brought our Victory closer. 

Unfortunately, the restriction of military aid depends not only on the fact that the West was not prepared for such a large-scale and prolonged attack, but also on the reluctance of certain countries and political parties to provide military and financial support to Ukraine. 

Earlier, we wrote about why the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not yet launched an operation to de-occupy our territories and what to expect from the offensive here.

Photo: Reuters

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