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16 Mär. 2022


Germany: what waits for Ukrainians fleeing the war



Germany: what waits for Ukrainians fleeing the war

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Ukrainians continue to leave their homes due to the invasion of Russian troops. On Wednesday, March 9, it became known that out of two million refugees, more than 80,000 crossed the border with Germany.

We have collected up-to-date travel information, stay, legal access to work, education and medicine for Ukrainian citizens in Germany.

Entry rules

To get to Germany, you must first cross the border of an EU country bordering Ukraine, such as Poland. There are free trains to Germany, which can be purchased at the station. It should be remembered that due to martial law and general mobilization, men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave Ukraine, with few exceptions.

You can enter the EU with a biometric or internal passport. A biometric passport or visa is required to cross the German border.

There is an Arrival Center in Berlin to help with accommodation, meals and medical needs.

Rules of stay

Ukrainians who came to Germany with a biometric passport or visa can stay in the country for 90 days. Then the visa must be extended.

Germany receives Ukrainian citizens under a simplified procedure, granting temporary protection status. Ukrainians receive it automatically after crossing the border with the EU. They can go to any country in Europe where, for example, relatives or acquaintances live.

Temporary protection will last for a year, but if the war does not end or the situation worsens, the status can be extended.

The protection covers citizens of Ukraine who lived on its territory until February 24, 2022, and were forced to leave their homes due to the invasion of Russian troops. Also for people who have political asylum in Ukraine and families of these two categories.

It is possible to apply for refugee status in Berlin, but registration is not currently underway. A citizen of Ukraine with refugee status cannot choose a place of residence and also does not have access to the legal labour market.

Benefits for citizens of Ukraine

Ukrainians in Berlin can use public transport free of charge - the underground, city trains and trams. It is enough to show a passport.

Ukrainian citizens can also visit public swimming pools, family cultural centres FEZ-Berlin and travel by train free of charge.

30 free buses were organized from Berlin, Cottbus, Frankfurt-on-Oder to Erfurt, Leipzig, Schwerin, Magdeburg, Belefeld, etc.

The benefits are currently valid until March 31, 2022.

How to get a job in Germany

Ukrainians who receive temporary protection will be able to work in Germany without restrictions. If a citizen of Ukraine came based on a visa or biometric passport, received refugee status - you can not work.

Useful contacts

Embassy of Ukraine in Germany

Address: Albrechtstrasse 26, 10117, Berlin

Hotline (round the clock)

Tel. +49 (030) 2888 71 16

Answers to frequently asked questions from the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany

Berlin Arrival Center - here you can get help with housing, food, medical care

Address: Oranienburger Str., 285, 13437 Berlin (Reinickendorf)

Berlin Animal Shelter, where you can get essentials for animals. The veterinary centre also provides free veterinary care (including vaccinations).

Address: Hausvaterweg 39, 13057 Berlin

Together for Ukraine is an initiative of the Ukrainian community abroad that helps Ukrainians and refugees coming to Europe.

Helpbus - registration for free transport from the borders of Ukraine to Germany.

@ukrainehelpberlin is an aggregator with useful links for those who went to Germany.

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