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The best universities in Ukraine: what is the state of educational institutions in the second year of the war

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The best universities in Ukraine: what is the state of educational institutions in the second year of the war

There are many higher education institutions in Ukraine that are attended not only by Ukrainians but also by foreigners. The quality of Ukrainian education meets international requirements and standards. Find out what is the state of the best universities in Ukraine and how they work during the war

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Today, the total funding of higher education institutions exceeds the budgets of the pre-war years, but these figures are inextricably linked to the missile attacks of the russian federation. After all, a significant part of the funds is spent on the reconstruction of universities affected by armed aggression. Thus, 9 educational institutions were completely destroyed in Ukraine, and 59 more suffered serious damage.

Let's take a look at the situation of the best Ukrainian universities with international recognition and foreign students.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

The most famous Ukrainian university has suffered significant damage due to russia's constant attacks on the Ukrainian capital. Thus, two buildings of the KNU (yellow and red), 8 faculties, the M. Maksymovych Scientific Library, the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden, the campus at VDNH, dormitories, a lyceum and two institutes at the university need to be restored.

And, unfortunately, today the available state funding is not enough to rebuild all the destroyed buildings and premises. 

Nevertheless, KNU has not ceased its activities and continues to educate students, not only Ukrainians but also foreigners on a distance basis. It is also important that in order to avoid subjective assessments and decisions, Kyiv National University did not introduce a system of admission based on a motivation letter. Therefore, all students were enrolled based on the results of the National Multiple Choice Test (NMT).

In addition, KNU actively assists the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular by training psychologists, specialists in artillery installations and geographic information systems, as well as intelligence specialists at its military institute.

It should be noted that some foreign students continue their full-time studies at universities located in safer regions of Ukraine. After all, entry rules allow foreigners to reside in the country. However, staying in Ukraine is associated with a lot of risks, so every foreigner should take care of reliable health insurance before crossing the border.

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Fortunately, Lviv Polytechnic was not affected by the russian attacks. However, the workload of the university has reached unprecedented levels. In 2022, Lviv National University was forced to accept a record number of applicants for both bachelor's and master's degrees. This was due to quite understandable reasons, as Western Ukraine is currently safer than other regions. 

Thus, the university enrolled 12,189 freshmen, which is almost 50% more than in 2021. In addition, Lviv Polytechnic accepts foreign students and actively concludes cooperation agreements with foreign universities.

It is also important to note that Lviv Polytechnic continues to work actively on scientific and technical inventions and developments. In particular, thanks to the university's students, Ukrainian soldiers have been provided with hydrogel bandages that accelerate wound healing and, accordingly, the rehabilitation of the military. The students also developed a drone with special "computer vision" and the ability to move cargo up to 10 km away.

National Technical University "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (KPI)

KPI did not suffer any significant damage, so all equipment was preserved, and the university continues to educate Ukrainian and foreign students in a mixed format (full-time + distance learning). It is important to note that the university has set up its own shelters and "points of invincibility" with generators and Starlink systems.

In addition, the Kyiv National Technical University has received significant support from Polish and British higher education institutions, and therefore KPI research teams and groups are able to actively work in international projects.

In addition, KPI has its own charitable foundation that helps its graduates who have joined the defense of the country in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

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Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU)

LNU also became a record holder in terms of the number of applicants and a center for teachers who were forced to evacuate from the frontline regions of Ukraine. Today, the university continues to teach students on a distance and full-time basis.

It is important that Lviv National University, together with the University of Birmingham, won a grant worth 200,000 pounds. These funds will be used for existing international projects aimed at developing Ukrainian studies in European and American higher education institutions.

In addition, the university's scientific and technical work does not stop. Students and teachers of LNU are actively working on developments for the military under the patronage of the Lviv Military Academy.

Sumy State University

On February 24, 2022, about 8 hours after the start of the full-scale invasion, Sumy University announced a forced vacation and became a hub for territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as the city was surrounded by russian troops and enemy tanks were driving through its streets.

Today, all the damages sustained by the university have been repaired, but the university management is actively working to create campuses in Ukrainian cities that do not have a border with russia. In addition, the university is entering into agreements with international partner universities from Poland, Georgia and Africa to organize the educational process for foreign students who were forced to leave Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian students have already been able to continue their studies in an online format.

Sumy State University is also actively working to help the Armed Forces and the defense sector. Thanks to their efforts, almost 500 qualified drone operators have been trained.

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Unfortunately, due to the constant massive shelling of Kharkiv, the university lost almost a quarter of its buildings and premises. Thus, the Karazin Sports Complex and the building of the Faculty of Economics were completely destroyed. In addition, dormitories, buildings of several institutes, the Historical Building of the Scientific Library and the University Museum were heavily damaged.

Today, the university operates exclusively online. However, students who are in Europe can study full-time at a special branch that was opened in Munich with the support of the GOROD Cultural Center.

Karazin University has a humanitarian headquarters that has been helping students in difficult situations since the first days of the russian invasion. In addition, despite the distance learning mode, the university continues its research work in the field of defense of Ukraine, provides psychological support to the military and helps volunteers teach tactical medicine.

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

KhPI also suffered significant damage due to attacks by russia. Dormitories, educational buildings and a sports complex were damaged. However, despite the fact that Kharkiv is still being shelled by the occupiers, the university continues to work online for Ukrainian and foreign students, and has begun to restore the damaged premises and buildings.

In addition, KPI has started cooperation with two German universities, so those who have gone abroad can continue their studies at the Magdeburg or Aachen Technical University.

So, despite the difficult situation in the country, Ukrainian universities not only continue to teach Ukrainian and foreign students, but also expand international cooperation, engage in research and actively work to help the Armed Forces and the Victory of Ukraine.

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