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Lithuania: useful information for Ukrainian refugees

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Lithuania: useful information for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to enter Lithuania, nor any identity document is required. If necessary, new documents (temporary passport of a foreigner) can be issued in Lithuania by the Migration Department.

Restrictions on COVID-19 do not apply to citizens of Ukraine, self-isolation requirements do not apply.

Currently, the first point of arrival for most Ukrainian citizens is Poland. If you want to come to Lithuania from Poland, Lithuanian volunteers can offer transport services: call +370 677 22222 to arrange transport for you and your loved ones.


Citizens of Ukraine with a biometric passport can enter and stay in Lithuania without a visa for up to 90 days. During these 90 days, Ukrainians can apply to the migration service and will be issued a national visa or residence and work permit in Lithuania, which will be valid for travel within the EU. Temporary residence permits are stipulated by the EU Directive on Temporary Protection for Immigrants of Ukraine, which allows Ukrainians to stay legally on the territory of EU member states until the end of the war. Medical insurance, children's education services will be available immediately after registration for a residence permit. Citizens of Ukraine are not obliged to apply for a residence permit within 90 days of the visa-free regime. But if you plan to stay in Lithuania for longer and need humanitarian aid, plan to work and want to use other social assistance, we advise you to do so.

To obtain a residence permit you need to register at one of the registration centers in Lithuania. There, Ukrainian IDPs and their families who do not have a valid passport will be issued a foreign registration certificate until their legal situation is resolved. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Ukrainian embassies and consulates abroad are renewing the foreign passports of Ukrainian citizens and entering data about the child in the parents' passports.

Address of the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania: Teatro g. 4, Vilnius 03107

There are 5 registration centers in Lithuania:

- in Vilnius, street Minties 3 (Joachim Lelevel Gymnasium);

- city Alytus, str. Pramones 1B;

- the city of Mariupol, street Park 9;

- city Klaipeda str. Paryziaus Kominos 16A;

- Siauliai city, street Jablonskio 16.

The registration centers provide temporary housing (up to three days), food, primary health care. Then those in need will be taken to long-term housing. You will also be provided with detailed information about the possibilities of your stay in Lithuania. If you are already in Vilnius, you can contact housing at or call +370 677 22222.

After registration, you can apply for a temporary residence permit for 1 year or a national visa for humanitarian reasons for 1 year. Citizens of Ukraine will not be issued national visas without valid passports, but applications for temporary residence will be accepted for humanitarian reasons. 

If you or your family members are staying in Lithuania illegally, ie you have been in Lithuania for more than 90 days, the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania will accept the application for a temporary residence permit or visa.

If you have expired a national visa or temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, and you have a biometric passport, you can immediately start using the 90-day visa-free regime.

For information on migration procedures for citizens of Ukraine and members of their families, please call the General Migration Department: 8 707 67 000, for calling from abroad: +370 5 271 7112 (7.30-21 daily), as well as by e-mail: [email protected]. The Migration Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior will constantly update information on migration procedures on its website.

The Migration Department also opens windows of information consultations for citizens of Ukraine and members of their families (working hours from 8.00 to 17.00, prior registration is not required):

- Vilnius, 18 Vitian st;

- Kaunas, 57 A. Yuozapovichiaus Ave .;

- Klaipeda, 6 Kauno st;

- Siauliai, 19 Auschwitz al.;

- Panevėžys, 14 K. Binkio str;

- Alytus, 8 Yotwing st;

- Marijampole, 1 Kyastucho st;

- Utyana, 4 Mairono st;

- Telšiai, 34 Jamaites st;

- Taurage, 15 Stotes st;

- Elektrenai, 32 Draugesties st;

- Visaginas, 13 Veteran st;

- Shalchininkai, 4 Architect st.

Also, upon arrival in Lithuania, you can receive a first aid kit (hygienic).

To do this, call the numbers:

 +370 684 98688 (Red Cross)

 +370 5249 7304 (Order of Malta)

Questions about accommodation and travel from the Polish border: hotline "Strong together" ("Stiprūs karta"), +370 677 22222, daily around the clock.

General information about life in Lithuania: Migration Information Center "I choose Lithuania", +370 525 14352, on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

Consultations and services on moving to Lithuania and living in Vilnius: "International House Vilnius", +370 526 40 200, working days from 08:00 to 17:00.


If you need help with accommodation, the first stop is to go to one of the registration centers in Vilnius, Alytus or Marijampole, where you will be provided with short-term accommodation.

AirBnb and are the main platforms for finding housing for the short term. You can find a house or apartment on the following platforms: AruodasDomopliusRebaltic

You can also use the Shelter site

Read more about accommodation options in Vilnius here

Help with temporary shelter-free housing here

ACCOMMODATION HOTLINE +370 677 22222 (24 hours)


If you are a citizen of Ukraine and want to work in Lithuania, you do not need to obtain any special permits, because you will automatically be able to work after registering at the migration office and obtaining a temporary residence permit. There are specialized sites that already offer vacancies for Ukrainians in Vilnius and other cities: (for vacancies that do not require Lithuanian / English). Go Vilnius offers contacts of the main job search sites, as well as contacts of recruitment agencies. 

Regarding employment issues, citizens of Ukraine, after completing the relevant documents, can apply to the Employment Center located in Vilnius (Zirmunu 139 a). Contact - Vaida Navickiene +370 700 79068

You can also register and consult with the Employment Service

- in Shalchininkai, Architect st. 4 by phone 1883 or e-mail [email protected] also:

- +370 658 26 755 in Vilnius

- +370 374 09 882 in Kaunas

- +370 672 28 204 in Jonava

- +370 672 98 949 in Alytus

- +370 658 24 346 in Klaipeda

- +370 610 38 727 in Panevėžys

- +370 616 46 608 in Siauliai

- +370 607 54955 in Marijampolė

More information: 

The following platforms can also help you find a job: 


Once in Vilnius, if you have received a temporary residence permit in Lithuania as a citizen of Ukraine in one of our registration centers, you will be insured by the state health insurance. If you find a job, you will also contribute to health insurance through taxes and be automatically insured. 

If you have not been issued a residence permit for Ukrainians and do not yet have a job, you will have to buy private insurance, a list of private insurers is here. If you do not have health insurance, but you are in an ambulance, services for citizens of Ukraine will be provided free of charge. Other free services for the citizens of Ukraine:

- Vaccination against COVID-19

- Services for children

- Services for expectant mothers

- Rehabilitation for war victims

For more information on available services and clinic contacts, see here

The Ministry of Health and the State Health Insurance Fund have prepared this guide, which will help people who left Ukraine for Lithuania due to the Russian Federation's military actions in Ukraine to obtain concentrated and accurate information about health care services in Lithuania. All of these individuals are guaranteed medical services in the Republic of Lithuania, which will be paid for by health insurance funds.


Citizens of Ukraine in Lithuania can use railway and public transport free of charge by receiving a ticket at the ticket office or showing a document in public transport. More about free public transport in Lithuania at the link.


Pets arriving in Lithuania from Ukraine are accepted even if they are not microchipped, have not been vaccinated against rabies, do not have proper veterinary documentation and the titer of antibodies to rabies.

After receiving information about the vaccinated pet from Ukraine, the responsible officials of the territorial divisions of the State Food and Veterinary Service organize microchipping, rabies vaccination and observation of such an animal for 21 days at the place of detention. Upon arrival in Lithuania with a pet marked with a microchip and vaccinated against rabies, please inform [email protected] for monitoring purposes.

Upon arrival in Lithuania with a pet unmarked with a microchip or an unvaccinated pet, please inform [email protected]. After a pet is reported to have no chip, vaccination and labeling will be provided free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or 8 800 40 403.

More useful information about helping Ukrainian immigrants and living opportunities in Lithuania: