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The most romantic places in Ukraine where love is in the air



The most romantic places in Ukraine where love is in the air

Many cities in Ukraine have their own unique gems where lovers can experience special magic. Find out about the most romantic locations in Ukraine where love finds a new level and hugs become even warmer

Choose tours to Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours to Ukraine for every taste

In Ukraine, every corner is full of unique history, culture, and natural beauty. It not only attracts with its wealth of sights and attractions, but also has magical places where the air is filled with love and the atmosphere is intertwined with tenderness and romance. 

We are going to tell you about the special places in Ukraine where every couple will get unforgettable memories for life.

The island of lovers 

The island is located in the middle of the Ternopil Pond. This romantic place appeared after the restoration work carried out after the Second World War. 

The picturesque islet can be reached via a bridge or by boat. Thousands of couples come here to see their future together, which, according to legend, is revealed if you look closely into the water. 

Italian Courtyard


This place in the center of Lviv looks like a real Verona. According to legend, if you listen to the walls, you can hear the quiet whispers of lovers.

It is the Italian Courtyard that is associated with the love story that broke out between Polish King Jan Sobieski and Maria Kazmira. Under the protection of the ancient Renaissance walls, they met, hiding their feelings.

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St. Andrew's Descent

There are many places in Kyiv where couples can enjoy true romance. A walk along St. Andrew's Descent will take you on a journey through time, where every courtyard is shrouded in ancient legends. 

According to the legend, you can strengthen the bonds of love by touching a 400-year-old linden tree growing in front of the Historical Museum. 

Fountain Zebras in Love

The fountain is located in the center of Kyiv. It can be reached from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Zoloti Vorota metro stations.

The zebras in love is one of the many sculptures in the famous Landscape Alley park. The park has a romantic atmosphere, and many couples take selfies near the interesting statues.

Bridge of Lovers

Almost all romantic places in Zaporizhzhia are connected with water, and the Lovers' Bridge is no exception. 

An open bridge over a small lake is a real mecca for lovers who come to Voznesenskyi Park to declare their love.

Swan Lake and Kamianets-Podilsky fortress


Another place to visit is Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle. The air here is filled with legends, and the majestic towers impress with their power. The Turkish Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Ukraine, leads to the castle. On the railing of this bridge, lovers hang locks as a symbol of their love.

The park with Swan Lake is located on the edge of the Smotrych River. The lake has a gazebo and a fountain for swans. Nearby is a statue of two angels who seem to be kissing. The gazebo offers a panoramic view of the old town. 

St. Sophia Park and the Pearl of Love Fountain

St. Sophia Park in Uman is an eternal monument to the feelings of Stanisław Potocki for his Greek wife, Sophia. According to legend, Sofia was very homesick, so the count decided to give his beloved a miniature of a real oasis of Hellas. The park has numerous statues depicting Greek and Roman mythology, including Apollo, Venus, and Orpheus.

The water, laser and light show will also impress those who visit Uman: the Pearl of Love fountain, one of the three largest fountains in Ukraine, is located in the park on the Ostashiv Pond. 

Radomysl Castle

Located on the outskirts of Radomyshl in the Zhytomyr region, this historical and cultural complex has recently experienced a revival. 

The castle is located on the "Royal Route" that leads through Ukraine to Spain. Here you can spend a romantic weekend in the spirit of the Middle Ages. 

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The tunnel of love

Not far from the town of Klevan is a romantic tunnel with railroad tracks.

The branches of trees and bushes intertwine with each other, forming a natural arch. You can feel a very strong energy here, and the two rails seem to symbolize the fate of lovers walking hand in hand. It is believed that if lovers come here, everything will be fine in their lives. 

Chernivtsi Botanical Garden

Chernivtsi Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine. Many plant exhibits and trees over a hundred years old are planted in the park, and various landscape compositions have been created.

One of the most famous buildings here is the Chernivtsi State University. It is a great place for walking, learning about the history of the city, and taking pictures.

Narcissus Valley

Not far from the city of Khust is the incredibly beautiful Narcissus Valley. Once a year, nature fills the green meadows with snow-white flowers, turning them into a real miracle. According to a local legend, this field was formed as follows: 

When Rusia, the prince's daughter, turned 18, a poor potter named Ivanko gave her a beautiful vase of white daffodils. The girl and the young man fell in love immediately, but Rusia's father was against it and threw the vase right into the valley. The next day, the valley blossomed with incredible white flowers, and the father, seeing such beauty, agreed to the newlyweds' union.

Manyavsky waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Carpathians on the territory of the Lublinets Nature Reserve. It falls from a 20-meter cliff above the Manyavka River. 

The nature of the Carpathian Mountains is so interesting that a walk along the river will energize and refresh your soul. A trip to the Carpathian waterfalls is guaranteed to remain in your memories for a long time.

Each of these unique locations can be easily reached by train or bus. You can choose plane, bus or train tickets within Ukraine and between cities around the world here.

For your convenience, we also recommend booking a hotel in the desired region of Ukraine in advance. And in order to protect yourself from unexpected expenses during your vacation, we advise you to take care of reliable health insurance.  

These amazing places amaze with their beauty and romantic atmosphere, they preserve the unique nature and architecture that attract with their uniqueness. To enjoy the picturesque waterfalls of the Carpathian Mountains, the crystal waters of lakes, the silk of flowering fields, the romance of ancient Kyiv, Lviv and other unique locations, you can choose a tour of Ukraine to your liking.

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