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04 Apr. 2022


Athens free of charge: opportunities for Ukrainians

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Athens free of charge: opportunities for Ukrainians

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Many of our fellow citizens have now left for Europe to escape the war. They have been under constant stress for more than a month. In this regard, psychologists suggest concentrating on useful things, be sure to pay attention to free time - it will help stabilize the psycho-emotional state. With this in mind, the following are free opportunities for those who find themselves in Greece, namely in Athens. It will also be useful for those who have settled in other locations of the country - you can always come to this ancient city, for example, on weekends.


The cradle of ancient civilization, like a magnet, has always attracted travelers from around the world. Can there be anything more touching and interesting to see the historical monuments of the millennium?

New Athens Free Tour. 2.5 hour walk past the old town, the Acropolis, ancient stadiums and theaters. Gathering daily at Monastiraki Square at 10:20.

Athens Free Walking Tour. An initiative of local residents who want to share their knowledge of their hometown with its guests. From them you will learn in an informal atmosphere about all its secrets, the best restaurants and outlets.

This is Athens with a Local. Another option for an interesting walk from the locals: street art, gastronomy, architecture. Everything - from the first, so to speak, hands, and, of course, with an individual approach. On average, walk 2 hours.


From November to the end of March, every first Sunday of the month in Athenian museums is free to visit - even the Parthenon. Also, please note that no one requires tickets on some holidays: March 6, April 18, May 18, June 5, September 27 and October 28.

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture (Koumpari 1). A huge and very interesting exhibition that tells about Greek culture from antiquity to the 20th century. You can attend for free on Thursdays.

National History Museum (Stadiou 13). Relatively modern history of Greece: Roman rule, Ottoman rule, 1821 - the war for independence, political and social development of the Greek nation. Free admission on Sundays and 18.05, 25.03 and 28.10.

Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments (Diogenous 1). The exposition will introduce Greek folk art and musical instruments. Some 1,200 exhibits: cymbals, mandolins, tambourines, lutes, drums, etc.

Greek Children's Museum (19 Vasileos Georgiou B Avenue). Museum for children 3-12 years. Very interesting and bright exposition.

Maria Callas Museum (44 Mitropoleos). Dedicated to the life and work of the opera star. Personal belongings, photos, concert costumes, videos and audio recordings. The museum is decorated like a theater - very beautiful!

Municipal Art Gallery (51 Pireos). More than 3,000 paintings, engravings and sculptures by Greek artists of the 19th-20th centuries. in the gallery.


National Garden. This park is located in the very center of the city - near the Greek Parliament in Syntagma. There are ancient ruins with the remains of columns and mosaics, and in total the green area has up to 15,000 species of plants.

Diomidous Botanical Garden (Hiera Odos 403). Probably the largest botanical garden not only in Greece but also in Eastern Europe. Located near Danfi district, there are cafes and playgrounds, recreation areas.

The Stavros Niarchos Park (Siggro 364, Kallithea). This park is very cozy and quiet, and since it is located on a hill, it offers enchanting views. You can see the usual cypresses, evergreen shrubs, olives and carob trees.

Syngrou Estate. The area of ​​this park is 950 hectares! Most of it is flooded with forests of cypresses, pines, holly and shrubs. Here you can find old fountains and statues.


Athens is a city on the hills, so it is not surprising that almost every one of them has observation decks to admire its breathtaking views.

Mount Lykavittos. This point is the highest in Athens. The panoramic landscape will allow you to see all the architecture and the most significant sights. The view of the Acropolis from here is canonical. In addition, there is a chapel of St. George and the open-air theater.

Areopagus hill. As we know from history, it was on this hill in antiquity that the Athenian court sat. And now a magnificent view of the city opens from here.

Philopappos Hill. This site is located closer to the Acropolis - you can see quite clearly its statues and architectural details.

Strefi (Strefi Hill, between the Exarchate and Naples districts, northwest of Likavitos). The observation deck is not very popular with tourists, and it's a loss: on the slopes of this hill there is a very cozy garden.


Sea vacation in the resorts of Greece - is well known in the world. Not surprisingly, the borders of Athens have enough free beaches - well-kept and clean. Here is a list of them: Elliniko (sand, Leof. Poseidonos 2, take the metro or tram from the center), Edem - Paleo Faliro (sand, tram №3 or №5 from the center of Athens to Asklipion Voulas, or bus E22), Votsalakia Castellas pebbles, Piraeus, near the port of Castellas), Kavouri (from the city center - 16 km, many trees on the coast).


Not only in London can you see the changing of the guard near the main buildings - in Athens it also happens every day near the Parliament (Syntagmatos Square). And on Sunday you can see a solemn version with a march and orchestra (10:45 start). Also, do not overlook the following possibilities.

Turkish district of Plaka. Byzantine-style temples, old baths and a lot of authentic Greek architecture for the Turkish period.

Dionysius the Areopagite. It is rightly considered the most beautiful street in Athens.

Monastiraki district. There is just a huge flea market, where street acrobats and musicians perform.

Church of Our Lady of Kapnikarei (Ermu shopping street). Dated to the 11th century. - one of the oldest Christian churches in Athens.

Church of Agia Marina. There was used to be an ancient temple on this place - carved right into the rock. The walls are decorated with works by famous Greek artists.

Agio Georgios. A white chapel has been built on the very top of Lycabett Hill - can be reached on foot or by cable car. We highly recommend coming here to watch the sunset - you will not regret it!

Panathenaic Stadium. Venue of the first Olympic Games. The arena was built in 330 BC.