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Has the world's opinion changed about who will win the war in Ukraine?

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Has the world's opinion changed about who will win the war in Ukraine?

The war unleashed by russia on the territory of Ukraine has shaken people around the world, because the terror that the occupier is wreaking on Ukrainian soil cannot leave anyone indifferent. Find out how the world's attitude to the war in Ukraine has changed and who world leaders think will win this confrontation

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On February 24, 2022, Ukraine was asked to dig trenches and prepare for guerrilla warfare. Then the world began to say that russia "must not win." Later, the rhetoric of world leaders changed focus and they began to say that "Ukraine cannot lose this war." And a few months after the full-scale invasion began, the world declared that "Ukraine must win."

And although today the question of the winner in the war seems obvious, as evidenced by Google analytics and the results of queries in Google trends, a large number of people around the world are still interested in this issue. So, what do world leaders think about the war in Ukraine today and who do they think will win this confrontation?

When did the war in Ukraine begin?

It would be wrong to assume that the russian invasion in 2022 was the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the year 2014, which actually began the modern occupation of Ukrainian lands by a terrorist country, is also only a consequence of centuries of policy and oppression by russia. After all, russia has been attempting to "conquer, destroy and suppress" Ukrainian society, statehood and language for more than 400 years.

Therefore, the heroic Ukrainian resistance is not just a modern phenomenon, it is a character trait that has been imprinted in the subconscious of a people forced to live next to a crazy neighbor for centuries.

When will the war in Ukraine end?

First of all, the question of the end of the war needs to be formulated in a different way. If at the beginning of 2022 the world was wondering "when the war in Ukraine will end," today this question has a completely different basis. The context is of great importance here, and therefore it would be more correct to ask "how and under what conditions will Ukraine be able to end the war with russia?"

Today, no one doubts that Ukraine is capable of deterring the enemy. Moreover, the successful advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south and east of Ukraine through fortified defense lines and minefields proves the ability of the Ukrainian army to operate in extremely difficult conditions on the verge of human capabilities. And it is this factor that determines the answer to the question "how and under what conditions".

How? By military means.

Under what conditions? On condition of reaching the positions by February 24, 2022, and after the complete de-occupation of Ukrainian territories to restore the 1991 borders.

When? When the titans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat the russian army and drive the enemy out of Ukraine.

Now there are many opinions about "when," but instead of asking ourselves this question, it is better to think about "what I can do to speed up this process." This is exactly the question that everyone who does not want to live in a world where issues can be resolved by force should ask themselves. 

Moreover, not only ordinary people should think about this, but also some representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, including those who buy paving stones, manholes and plant flower beds. After all, the victory of an external enemy is impossible without the suppression of an internal one.

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Who will win the war in Ukraine?

The opinion of Ukraine's Western partners on further developments and the situation at the front is unanimous and firm. Ukraine will win the war, and russia will lose, and has already lost.

We could cite thousands of quotes from world leaders that convincingly demonstrate that the world is on Ukraine's side and is doing everything it can to ensure its victory, because it believes that it can do so. But instead, we will simply present a few facts that will answer the question of "who."

Who is supporting russia in the war?

Such a "great and powerful" country has attracted the support of Belarus, North Korea, Iran, and Syria. Needless to say, all of these countries have a global reputation. It is not for nothing that the war in Ukraine is called a struggle between good and evil. Can the world allow the darkness to win?

The world's second army and military training

As practice shows, the second army of the world has become the second army in Ukraine. Moreover, the tactics of "cannon fodder" used by the russian federation are reducing their potential and capabilities more and more every day. 

At the same time, Ukrainian soldiers have already become a phenomenon in world history, having shown remarkable resilience and courage. It is also important to note how quickly the Ukrainian Armed Forces are mastering new types of weapons and how they operate in the face of limited technical equipment and a shortage of shells and ammunition. 

We could speculate on how events would unfold if the Ukrainian army had the same amount of equipment as the russian army, but we will leave this question unanswered and focus on the next one. Having neither equipment nor weapons, the Ukrainians survived in 2022, and with the support of Western partners and the accumulation of the necessary amount of weapons, the question of superiority at the front is only a matter of time, because the russian army, even with all this, has not succeeded.

Empires will fall

The fall of empires is a banal historical fact that knows no exceptions in world history. And putin's imperial ambitions do not require any explanation or proof either. And the thirst for imperialism, combined with lies, hypocrisy, fraud, and terrorism, only accelerate the decline, and as we know, the decline of empires begins with the degradation of its elites. So while the russian authorities are trying to "choke on other people's lands" in their attempts to appropriate them, the world can observe the cyclical nature of history.

And let's end this speech with the words of Joe Biden's close ally and U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter for the BBC - "I don't see how the russians can win." And neither do we.

Glory to Ukraine!

We remind you! In October, the US Lend-Lease law for Ukraine officially expired, and NATO warns that the West has almost exhausted its military aid. Read more about whether support for Ukraine will continue and what additional options the government has in our previous article.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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