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Mountain climbing, hot springs and waterfalls: what locations in the Carpathians are worth visiting to reboot?



Mountain climbing, hot springs and waterfalls: what locations in the Carpathians are worth visiting to reboot?

The majesty and beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians attracts thousands of tourists, not only from Ukraine, in any season. However, each season makes this region special in its own way. Find out which locations and places in the Carpathians are worth visiting at the junction of fall and winter to recover and relax

Take care of reliable insurance to feel safe while traveling
Take care of reliable insurance to feel safe while traveling

The Ukrainian Carpathians have already seen the first snow and sub-zero temperatures, which means that soon the Carpathian thermal springs, sightseeing tours to colorful and atmospheric places that reveal the true Hutsul soul of Ukraine and mountain climbing to admire the snow-capped peaks of the majestic Carpathians will be at their peak of popularity among Ukrainians and foreign tourists.

If you don't know where to start exploring the Ukrainian Carpathians, or if you think you've seen it all and it's hard to surprise you, we offer you the top most interesting locations in western Ukraine that are definitely worth visiting at the junction of autumn and winter.

One-day weekend tours to the Carpathians: how to make a quick reboot in the mountains?

A trip to the mountains is always a good idea, regardless of the weather or the date on the calendar. And considering the fact that the Ukrainian Carpathians offer countless ways to reboot, from climbing the mountains to relaxing by thermal springs and tasting Ukrainian delicacies, every tourist can find their own recipe for a quick recharge.

For active tourists who like to reboot through physical activity and incredible emotions while observing the majestic beauty and magical tranquility of nature, we recommend climbing Mount Khomyak, which is located in the southeastern part of the mountain range above the village of Tatariv in Ivano-Frankivsk region. 

The main feature of this area is that climbing to the top does not require special training, and both children and the elderly can do it. And the magical paths through the Carpathian forests to the top and the view of the snow-capped Montenegrin ridge will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. This exciting journey will definitely allow you to take a new breath of air and reboot.

In addition, the "A date near the tree of love" tour can be a good option for a quick recovery through incredible views of the mountains and Ukrainian villages.

Photo: FB Anatoliy Gleb

An alternative to active recreation that will also allow you to quickly reboot is a scenic trip to one of the most colorful villages in Zakarpattia, Kolochava. On the Visit Ukraine website, you can buy an individual or group tour to this incredible corner of Ukraine.

During the trip, tourists will see with their own eyes the Synevyr Pass and the panoramas of the serpentine Volovets Pass, as well as get to know the unique Transcarpathian culture, architecture and way of life and visit several unique museums, as well as the only mountain bird park in Ukraine with exotic parrots and other birds.

For those who like to restore through relaxation, a one-day tour that will tell about the life and way of life of the Hutsuls or an excursion to Khust, during which travelers will have the opportunity to visit healing thermal springs, taste craft and organic cheeses, and personally meet spotted deer, one of the most graceful animals in the world, will be an ideal option. And all this against the backdrop of the picturesque mountain panoramas of the Khust region.

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Vacation in the Carpathians: where to go and what to see in western Ukraine?

For those who can spare a few days for a trip to the Carpathians, we recommend choosing a package tour that includes accommodation in an incredible location and visits to tourist attractions of your choice. 

Here, everyone will be able to find leisure activities to their liking, as tourists will be able to visit cultural and natural attractions of incredible beauty, as well as organize more active recreation, including horseback riding, paragliding, quad biking, etc.

Also, together with Visit Ukraine, tourists can visit all the most beautiful waterfalls of the Carpathians in two days as part of the Crystal Gorgan Waterfalls tour. Such a trip does not require serious physical training, and the opportunity to climb one of the peaks and see incredible views will definitely reboot your everyday life. In addition, physical activity + clean air + spring water + altitude = a supply of health (including psychological) for months to come.

Unfortunately, the mental well-being of a person is a quickly depleting resource, especially in the autumn and winter. Therefore, it is very important to support yourself in all available ways and means. 

And the best option for this may be a trip to the mountains, because the Carpathians are a real place of strength that will help everyone who needs a reboot and psychological recovery.

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