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29 Okt. 2023


Tariff increases, new subsidies and mobilization: what will change for Ukrainians from November 1



Tariff increases, new subsidies and mobilization: what will change for Ukrainians from November 1

Since the beginning of November, Ukraine has been implementing important changes that will affect the financial situation of its citizens. On the threshold of the heating season and with the beginning of November, the country is preparing for a number of reforms in social benefits and utilities, as well as changes in mobilization. Find out what changes are coming into force and what you should pay attention to

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

Starting from November 1, 2023, Ukrainians will face new rules regarding social benefits and utilities. Along with the increase in the cost of tariffs, new subsidies will also come into effect, which are designed to ease the financial burden for certain segments of the population. Here's what Ukrainians should expect from the beginning of November. 

New subsidies for 2023-2024

New subsidies in Ukraine have been recalculated for the heating season and are valid until April 2024. 

Citizens eligible for housing subsidies will receive them automatically. You can also apply for a subsidy after the start of the heating season. 

If citizens who have not previously received a subsidy or have been denied an appointment for the non-heating period apply before November 30, 2023, the benefit will be accrued from October. 

It is also necessary to apply for a subsidy if there have been changes in the family composition. To be eligible for the subsidy, a household must have utility costs that exceed 15% of the average monthly total family income, no utility debts or an agreement on their restructuring.

Social assistance payments for IDPs 

Starting from November 1, IDP payments will be allocated to the entire family for internally displaced persons who apply for assistance for the first time. 

This means that the money will be transferred to the bank account of one person, but will be intended for all family members. 

The amount of assistance remains unchanged: children and people with disabilities will receive UAH 3,000 per month, while other categories of IDPs will receive UAH 2,000 each. 

It is also worth noting that the government has extended the payments to IDPs for 6 months, until the end of January 2024, and may reassign the assistance for another six months for families with low property status and special needs, such as disability, retirement age, or three or more minor children.

Utility tariffs

With the start of the 2023-2024 heating season, many people are concerned about the amount of money they will see in their utility bills. 

The tariffs for heating, hot water and gas distribution remain unchanged, as Ukraine has a moratorium on raising them during martial law and for the next six months after its end. 

Also, the cost of water supply and sewerage services remains unchanged. The decision to increase tariffs by 30%, which was planned earlier, did not come into effect.

The price of gas from the largest supplier, Naftogaz, was fixed at UAH 7.96 per cubic meter. No rise in gas prices is expected, and this price will remain stable throughout the winter. 

The price of electricity for households rose to UAH 2.64 per kilowatt-hour in June, and there are no plans to raise the tariff further. 

"We will extend the special obligation provision until the end of the heating season. Therefore, the issue of raising tariffs is not even being discussed," assured Energy Minister German Galushchenko.

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Recalculation of pensions

The recalculation of pensions in 2023 has been completed, and no increase in payments is expected for November, except for the standard monthly age-related allowances. 

Pensioners aged 70 to 74 will receive a UAH 300 supplement, those aged 75 to 79 will receive UAH 456, and those aged 80 and older will receive UAH 570. 

Some categories of pensioners may be entitled to additional payments for overtime service acquired after reaching retirement age, if the person continued to work. 

To recalculate your pension, you need to apply in person to the Pension Fund.

Changes in mobilization

Starting from November 1, persons who have changed their place of residence or moved to other cities, regions or foreign countries must apply to the military center or consular office at the new place of residence for personal registration for military service. 

The deadline for such an application is 7 days. Also, starting from November 1, persons aged 18 to 60 who are considered fit or partially fit and have military experience, are in the reserve and have no service experience, as well as persons with disabilities who are recognized by the Military Qualification Commission as fit or partially fit at their own request, will be able to be mobilized. 

Persons aged 18 to 27 who are serving in the reserve and are considered fit or partially fit can also be mobilized. 

Women who are registered for military service, as well as persons who have been excluded from the list of persons liable for military service and removed from the military register, if the military registration and enlistment commission considers them fit and they have not committed grave or especially grave crimes, may also be mobilized. 

It is worth noting that the rules of mobilization may change if martial law and general mobilization are extended after November 15.

We remind you! Earlier, we wrote that the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law amending the rules for crossing the border during martial law. The document proposes to allow all men to travel abroad. Read our article to find out what conditions are offered to those liable for military service.

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