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10 Apr. 2022


What documents can Ukrainians return home with?

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What documents can Ukrainians return home with?

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Many Ukrainians left the country in a hurry with the documents they had on hand. At the same time, returning home is an urgent issue for many of our citizens - border guards record thousands of people a day crossing the border into Ukraine to enter. In this regard, there are many questions about the documents with which you can enter Ukraine.

However, in the case of returning home, not everything is as simple as leaving for Europe - you will not be able to come with any document.

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the Rules of Crossing the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine states that the document giving the right to enter is:

1) passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad;

2) diplomatic passport;

3) service passport;

4) travel document of the child (valid for the period for which it is issued);

5) seafarer's identity card;

6) crew member ID.

Thus, the main document for returning to Ukraine is a passport. If the validity of your passport is coming to an end - you probably will not be able to get a new passport abroad: biometric documents are made in Ukraine and not all diplomatic missions abroad have renewed the logistics of documents produced from Ukraine. However, there is a way out.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 28, 2022 for the period of martial law and within a year from the date of its termination or abolition:

- crossing the state border may be carried out by citizens of Ukraine at checkpoints across the state border and checkpoints on the basis of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, which is valid, as well as children on the basis of passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel abroad their legal representatives information about the child is entered.

Therefore, during the martial law in foreign diplomatic missions (embassies / consulates) you will be able to renew your passport for 5 years, as well as enter the child's data in the parents' passport, if the child's passport is also expired. After the extension of the passport, you can safely go home with valid passports.

If you left with an internal passport / ID-card / other document or without a document at all - you can also return to Ukraine. To do this, you will also need to contact the Embassy / Consulate of Ukraine abroad. In such a situation, diplomatic missions will issue identity cards to return to Ukraine.

An identity card for return to Ukraine is an identity document that confirms the citizenship of Ukraine, gives the right to enter Ukraine, is drawn up and issued by foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine.

Regarding the documents for applying for an identity card for return to Ukraine or renewal of foreign passports - read in the explanation of the Embassy of Ukraine in France.

During martial law, no consular fee is charged for consular actions.

Receipt of all documents - extended passports and certificates - is carried out on the day of application to the diplomatic mission. If the citizen does not have any valid passport documents, a request for identification will be sent to the place of registration of the applicant in Ukraine, which may take some time.

Reception of citizens in most institutions takes place in a live queue, but just in case we advise you to make an appointment online.