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How to confirm the purpose of entry into Ukraine?

Regeln für die Einreise
For foreigners in UA


How to confirm the purpose of entry into Ukraine?

Confirmation of the purpose of the trip is a prerequisite for legally crossing the Ukrainian border and entering the country. Find out what you need to confirm the purpose of your trip and how to do it

Take care of insurance for safe entry into Ukraine
Take care of insurance for safe entry into Ukraine

The purpose of entry into Ukraine by a foreign citizen or stateless person is confirmed by the relevant visa in the passport or other identity document. The justification of the purpose of the visit will depend on the type of visa obtained.

Read how to obtain a visa to Ukraine here. We have also provided more details on the current rules for entering Ukraine and customs restrictions earlier.

What type of visa to Ukraine do I need?

The type of visa you need depends on the purpose of your trip. They are divided into the following types:

1. Transit visa - for transit through the territory of Ukraine to a third country, as well as for transit transportation of goods or passengers. When applying for a transit visa, the period of stay in Ukraine should not exceed 5 days.

2. Short-term visa - for a stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days within 180 days. In this case, the number of permitted exits and entries to Ukraine will depend on the subtype of the visa issued (single, double or multiple entry). Such a visa is suitable, for example, for tourist travel.

3. Long-term visa - for a stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days. Such a visa is obtained for the purpose of processing documents, for example, for immigration to Ukraine.

Thus, a foreigner or a stateless person can justify the purpose of entry in accordance with the type of visa issued.

Please note! Another important condition for entering Ukraine is the availability of an appropriate insurance policy. After all, due to the introduction of martial law on the territory of the state, any foreign insurance automatically ceases to be valid after crossing the Ukrainian borders. This is due to the fact that insurance companies do not cover the risks associated with war in the territory of any countries where military operations or armed conflicts are ongoing. In addition, Ukrainian law also requires that you obtain insurance from the relevant insurance companies. Therefore, in order to make your stay in Ukraine as safe as possible, we recommend that you take out insurance covering military risks. You can do this on the Visit Ukraine website. Read more about why a foreigner needs to have special insurance to enter Ukraine here.

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Confirmation of the purpose of entry to Ukraine: what documents are required?

Depending on the purpose of the trip, a foreigner may provide:

▶ travel vouchers, hotel reservations, or apartment rental agreements;

▶ invitations or tickets to seminars, exhibitions, fairs, etc;

▶ documents confirming the intention to undergo medical treatment in a certain medical institution in Ukraine;

▶ written confirmation of a conference, meeting, etc;

▶ a written invitation from a company or organization, for example, to a conference or job;

▶ a notarized invitation from a citizen of Ukraine (friend, relative, bride/groom, etc.);

▶ a document confirming the fact of studying at a Ukrainian university;

▶ visa or tickets to a third country (if entering Ukraine for transit purposes).

It is also important to note that a foreigner must confirm that he or she has the necessary financial security for the duration of his or her stay in Ukraine and for returning to his or her country of residence. Only those who have a residence permit in Ukraine, minors, refugees, diplomats, and tourists on a cruise are exempt from financial verification.

How to confirm the availability of financial security for entry into Ukraine?

To confirm this, a foreigner or stateless person may present to the border guards

▶ cash (hryvnia or other currency)

▶ bank statements or ATM receipts;

▶ confirmation of hotel reservation or payment for accommodation and meals;

▶ contract for travel services (tour, voucher, voucher);

▶ a return ticket for returning to the country of permanent residence/third country with a fixed date;

▶ a letter of guarantee from the host person (if there is an invitation to Ukraine).

At the same time, having all the necessary documents is not an absolute guarantee that a foreigner will be able to enter the territory of Ukraine, as the State Border Guard Service, as in other countries, ultimately determines the right to enter. 

Due to the fact that each case is unique and may require professional assistance, we recommend that you contact migration lawyers if you are planning a trip to Ukraine. You can order a consultation or full legal support on entering Ukraine, the documents required for this purpose, as well as the rules of stay in the country by following the link. The Visit Ukraine team of lawyers will help you with any migration issues.

We remind you! A large number of foreigners are interested in starting a business in Ukraine, even though the country is still at war. Read more about the main features and benefits of registering a business in Ukraine in our previous article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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