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18 Apr. 2022


How to open a bank account for Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia?

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How to open a bank account for Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia?

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Currently, 56.8 thousand Ukrainians have applied for temporary residence in Slovakia. All of them need to settle down in some way, to improve their lives in this country. Of course, cooperation with the Slovak banking system is very important in this sense. In particular, opening accounts and plastic cards to them.

Today, the National Bank of Slovakia regulates the activities of 27 local and foreign financial institutions. There is really something to choose from. Moreover, specifically for Ukrainian refugees, some of them have offered very attractive adaptation proposals.

Special offers from Slovak banks

Raiffeisen Bank has become a pioneer in the European market in providing opportunities for Ukrainian citizens to exchange cash hryvnia for the currency of the host country - all its branches and daughters have announced this. More about its representative office in Slovakia and other banks.


Documents. Identity card with photo, name, citizenship, date of birth and place of registration, temporary residence permit in Slovakia.

Account opening procedure. Approach any office with documents. Addresses of branches and ATMs. The process for our citizens is as fast as possible.

Terms. No commission and free of charge: cash withdrawals at ATMs, transfers to Ukraine, account maintenance. Privileges have been accepted for one year (until March 1, 2023). Bank's website with a list of products and services: Regarding the exchange of hryvnia, only banknotes with a face value of UAH 20/50/100/200/500/1000 are accepted. from 9:00 to 15:00 in the following branches:

Hodžovo námestie 3, Bratislava, 811 06

Humenné - Nám. freedom 54

Košice - Štúrova 28

Michalovce - Jaroslawská 11

Presov, Armádneho Generala L. Svobodu 25 (Eperia)

Žilina, Košická cesta 3 (Tesco)

One person can exchange 500 euros per day with a Ukrainian passport. Hotline: * 1100 (in Ukrainian), 0800 00 1100, +421 2/5919 1000, the chatbot works around the clock in the application and in Internet banking. There is Ukrainian-speaking staff in the offices near the border.

Slovenská sporiteľňa

Documents. Only identity card and proof of border crossing / residence permit.

Account opening procedure. In the branch (list:, there are also available ATMs).

Terms. The saving bank of Slovakia has abolished commissions on payments to / from Ukraine, withdrawals at ATMs from Ukrainian plastic, maintenance of the private account is also free of charge, the account being valid for 1 year. A SPACE-account with debit card, George mobile application, Internet banking is offered. They also specifically allowed the exchange of dollars for euros - previously this service did not work due to the pandemic. Products, programs and types of cards can be found at and Postal Bank

Documents. Passport.

Account opening procedure. In the branch or online. Branches and ATMs:

Terms. Abolition of the commission for transfers to Ukraine, for withdrawing funds at ATMs from Ukrainian cards. You can issue a payment card SKPAY ( - prepaid by sending an inquiry online (without opening an account).

In the Postal Bank (subsidiary of you can open a free account with a payment card for 12 months, Internet banking with the possibility of unlimited cash withdrawals at their ATMs and a refund of the withdrawal fee at other banks. Replenishment of all of the above, both in the offices and at the post office. Website:, tel. 0850 365 365 from 7:00 to 22:00, except holidays.

ČSOB Slovakia

Documents. IDcard.

Account opening procedure. You need to register at the online office using this form by downloading a scan of your ID and you will be called back with further instructions. Or come in person by filling out this formAddresses of branches (here is also a map of ATMs).

Terms. Offered is a ČSOB Pohoda account with a card, free service for 12 months; to those citizens of Ukraine who are already clients of the bank, the abolition of payment for maintenance from March to December 2022 (any account). Terms of the ČSOB Pohoda product: Payments to Ukraine are without commission, as well as exchange with currencies. Hotline: 0850 111 777, +421 2 5966 8844, e-mail address for questions: [email protected].

These banks have announced special conditions for Ukrainian refugees and citizens of Ukraine who were in Slovakia at the beginning of the war. If you are interested in a wider range of local financial institutions, visit the website of the National Bank of Slovakia, where you will find the contact details of all employees.