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Why do Ukrainians in Europe need health insurance?

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Why do Ukrainians in Europe need health insurance?

It is important for Ukrainians living in EU countries to take out health insurance. First of all, such insurance provides financial protection to avoid high medical expenses. In addition, it provides access to medical care in accordance with European standards. However, there are a number of other important reasons. Find out about them in our article

Order an insurance policy for your safety and peaceful stay abroad
Order an insurance policy for your safety and peaceful stay abroad

A medical insurance policy is not always required when crossing the border, but its absence can have unpleasant consequences, because insurance belongs to the list of documents without which it may be difficult for a Ukrainian to settle in EU countries.

Why do Ukrainians in Europe need health insurance? We will find out further.

Is it mandatory for Ukrainians to take out health insurance when traveling abroad?

The list of documents for crossing the border between Ukraine and the EU states has been significantly reduced, taking into account the martial law introduced in Ukraine. Health insurance policy is required less and less at the border.

At the same time, many Ukrainians go to European countries to work, study or just relax. It is believed that tourists in the region are very safe, because medicine is developed here at a high level. Also, most European countries grant Ukrainian refugees the status of temporary protection, which provides free access to medical care. Given these facts, many Ukrainians think that it is not necessary to take out medical insurance for crossing the border, but this is not the case at all.

The health care system in European countries is based on mandatory insurance. Each patient independently chooses a package of services and the amount of coverage, pays the approved contribution, and in the event of an insured event, the costs are compensated by the insurance company.

If there is no policy, you will have to pay for the treatment yourself. Given that medicine in Europe is quite expensive, even a simple cold can become a considerable expense. Moreover, it will not be possible to simply buy the necessary medicine at a pharmacy - you will definitely need a prescription from a doctor.

Approximate cost of medical services in Europe:

- appointment of a family doctor in Norway - 20 euros;

- appointment of a specialist doctor in the Czech Republic - from 30 euros;

- a day of hospital stay in Germany – 125 euros;

- calling an ambulance in Switzerland – 800 euros.

Those who plan to study and work in the EU will need an insurance policy to issue permit documents, and the medical support provided to refugees cannot always meet all the needs of patients.

In each of these situations, having a health insurance policy can significantly simplify a Ukrainian's stay in EU countries.

Benefits of a health insurance policy for Ukrainians in Europe

● For Ukrainian refugees

The majority of Ukrainians who went abroad due to the war obtained temporary protection in Europe and, according to it, received access to free medicine. However, free medicine in Europe is different from Ukrainian, sometimes the level of service is lower than what Ukrainians are used to receiving at home. Having a health insurance policy will help in solving the following issues:

1. Queues - queues in European hospitals were a big surprise for most Ukrainians. Sometimes you have to wait several weeks or even months for an appointment. Health insurance policy holders have a wider list of specialists and hospitals where they can get help.

2. The need for an urgent consultation and a language barrier - if you need an urgent or small consultation, and there is no time to wait in queues - remote reception can be a great alternative. The ease of communication in your native language and the recognized qualifications of our doctors are an undeniable advantage of policies from Ukrainian insurers.

3. Area of coverage – usually a policy from a Ukrainian insurance agent is valid throughout Europe, while insurance obtained on the basis of temporary protection is valid only in the country that granted asylum.

4. The term of insurance - the policy that Ukrainians receive on the basis of temporary protection is not for life, but is valid only for a certain period, after which you need to buy insurance yourself. Medical insurance is most often given to refugees from Ukraine abroad for 5 months from the moment they arrive in the country. At the same time, you can purchase a health insurance policy for any term.

5. Limited list of diseases and methods of treatment - in most countries, free treatment is available for a certain list of diseases. Also, the period of stay in the hospital can be strictly regulated. A health insurance policy can overcome these limitations.

● For Ukrainians going to Europe to study or work

The health insurance policy is included in the list of mandatory documents for issuing most permits in Europe: national visa category "D" (study, work, medical, business, etc.), temporary residence permits, permits for permanent stay in the country, citizenship. In order to complete the documents, you will definitely be offered to purchase an insurance policy from local insurance agents in your country of residence. In Poland, for example, the policy costs from 600 to 5,000 zlotys, depending on the term and the package of services that can be provided. Insurance from Ukrainian agents is cheaper.

● For tourists and those who go on a short trip

Considering that medical services abroad are very expensive, even minor health problems in the absence of insurance can be expensive. A health insurance policy will save money when visiting the hospital, as well as when buying medicines in European pharmacies.

Also, an absolute advantage of a health insurance policy is the round-the-clock online support of a Ukrainian-speaking specialist.

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What risks does the Ukrainian health insurance policy cover in Europe?

The amount of medical insurance coverage for traveling to Europe must be at least 30,000 euros. Usually, most policies cover the following risks:

- urgent outpatient or inpatient care;

- transportation to a medical facility;

- evacuation to Ukraine, if it is expedient for treatment;

- payment of medicines;

- urgent dental care;

- payment for the accompanying person's stay;

- payment for accompanying minor children who were left without guardianship due to an insured event.

Also, in addition to the basic package, the client can add compensation for the costs of treatment of chronic diseases or emergency dental services, assistance for sports injuries, etc.

Health insurance policy is an important document that you must have when traveling outside of Ukraine. When taking out a health insurance policy, we advise you to pay attention to its advantages and features, as well as to choose verified insurance agents. You can take out reliable insurance with guaranteed payments in just a few minutes on the Visit Ukraine portal.

We remind you! Many drivers traveling abroad face a situation when their Green Card has expired. Read more about what to do in this case and whether it is possible to extend the validity of the insurance while abroad in our previous article.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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