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Health insurance: answers to frequently asked questions

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Health insurance: answers to frequently asked questions

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Health insurance is commonplace for many travelers today. Many countries require an insurance policy for entry or residence permits; some buy insurance to avoid standing in lines at foreign hospitals or to avoid overpaying for uninsured medicine. It is the insurance company that will take over the organization and costs in the event of an insurance event, not the client.

When taking out insurance, many people face difficulties in understanding the terminology or ignorance of the process of cooperation with insurance companies and the corresponding algorithm for using the policy for which money was paid. Below we will try to deal with the most frequent questions that come to the insurance companies-partners of Visit Ukraine from clients.

1. What is a franchise?

In simple words, the franchise (or retention) is the amount that is not covered by the insurance company and is paid by the client in the event of an insured event. Most often, the franchise is expressed in a certain defined amount, which will be deducted from the insurance amount, or in the form of a percentage of the total damage. Deductibles are beneficial, first of all, for insurance companies that reduce their costs to compensate the client and save on the staff that would serve this franchise, if it were included in the insurance amount.

It is worth noting that there are insurance policies without a franchise that fully cover insured events and the client does not have to pay for anything. These are the health insurance policies from the partners of Visit Ukraine. But it is worth remembering that the insurance company compensates damage only within the limits of the insurance amount - everything beyond is paid by the client. For example, a person enters a hospital with an insurance policy for 30 thousand euros, but the treatment costs 35 thousand euros. In this case, the client pays 5,000 euros to the hospital.

2. Do health insurances cover dentistry?

As a rule, no. However, it all depends on the specific company and policy. Medical insurance from Visit Ukraine partners covers emergency dentistry. For example, acute toothache, broken tooth, acute inflammatory processes, abscesses - the insurance company will take care of this. However, cleanings, fillings, implants, or veneers are not covered. Normal practice is, for example, the opening and treatment of canals that cause a person acute pain, but the cost of a new filling, which is placed on a treated tooth, is at the expense of the patient.

3. Are foreign insurances better than Ukrainian ones?

This is a fairly common stereotype. Foreign insurances are not always better than Ukrainian ones. First, Ukrainian policies are cheaper compared to foreign policies and have better coverage. In addition, foreign insurances often have a very long waiting period: the policy can start "working" as much as six months after its purchase ("temporary franchise"). Instead, Ukrainian insurance companies can offer telemedicine from Ukrainian doctors, which is convenient both from the point of the language barrier and in cases of urgent treatment of children. Policies from Visit Ukraine partners cover both on-site medical assistance by foreign doctors and remote consultations by Ukrainian doctors. Also, these insurance policies are valid both abroad and on the territory of Ukraine, which allows you to feel protected even during the trips home.

4. What is the algorithm for applying for medical assistance if a person has insurance?

In the event of an insured event, a person should, first of all, call the insurance company as soon as possible. The company's contacts are always listed on the insurance policy. It is your company that will be obliged to organize an ambulance call or the provision of outpatient medical care in a clinic abroad. If an emergency situation occurred, when the person was not able to contact the insurance company before hospitalization, it is worth keeping all receipts and documents and contacting the insurance company at the first opportunity to compensate for expenses.

5. Is it possible to renew Ukrainian insurance while abroad?

Now it is. Previously, it was prohibited by law to sell insurance policies to persons located abroad, but now it is possible. You can extend your insurance policy either by buying a new insurance policy online or by calling the company's customer service to renew it.

In any case, experts advise you to always carefully read your contract with the insurance company. It contains all the details of the services for which you pay. It is also important not to be caught by the names of insurance policies: all policies and companies are different, and the same package name may provide completely different coverage. Always compare what you are offered in the policy and take care of your health in advance.

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