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20 Apr. 2022


How can Ukrainian refugees open a bank account in Bulgaria?

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How can Ukrainian refugees open a bank account in Bulgaria?

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In the first two weeks of the war alone, more than 40,000 Ukrainians entered Bulgaria. At present, this figure is, of course, much higher. It seems that these people have been stuck abroad for a long time, and it is very important for them to make a living right now. To receive financial assistance from the host country, salary, if you find a job, and just live a normal life in today's world, you need a bank account and cards to it. Below we will explain exactly how and where it can be issued, what are the preferences for refugees, where you can exchange cash hryvnias and many other useful things.

The Bulgarian National Bank is the main financial institution of the country, which regulates and accredits the activities of about three dozen banking organizations. This system has been an integral part of the EU system for many years, with very pleasant conditions for customers, modern approaches and a high level of stability.

Special offers from Bulgarian banks

Due to the sudden and unexpected grief of Ukrainian citizens who are now forced to end up in Europe, several Bulgarian banks have announced simplified procedures for accessing their services and some other bonuses. Read more about them below.

DSK Bank (OTP subsidiary)

Documents. Identity card and confirmation of the shelter, which was provided to a citizen of Ukraine (application).

Account opening procedure. In the office, addresses of branches and ATMs.

Terms. A debit card is added to the current account (in BGN), there is access to mobile and Internet banking, all basic operations, including cash withdrawals, online transfers. Products and types of cards. Consultations by phone: 0700 10 375 / * 2375, e-mail - [email protected]Here is an online form to register for a consultation.

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)

Documents. Passport.

Account opening procedure. You will need to present your ID and complete all standard paperwork at the office. Addresses of offices and ATMs:

Terms. It is said that opening an account and debit card will be free of charge, and Ukrainians are completely free of the need to pay for monthly maintenance. The fee for transactions in POS-terminals and ATMs has also been abolished. Contacts: Raiffeisen, Bulgaria, also said that it was going to introduce an opportunity for our refugees to exchange cash hryvnia for levs. This material will be supplemented as specifics appear.

As you can see, so far only two banks have officially announced special conditions for Ukrainian refugees. However, several other financial institutions in Bulgaria are currently developing a mechanism for working with Ukrainian citizens, given the general government directive.

In the meantime, here is an almost complete list of the best Bulgarian banks at the moment, which you may like with their offers: