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06 Apr. 2024


Sakura and more: where in Ukraine to admire beautiful flowers in spring

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Sakura and more: where in Ukraine to admire beautiful flowers in spring

The spring blossom of Ukrainian nature is a beautiful and inspiring sight. Some places attract people with their beauty and the opportunity to stop for a moment and enjoy the views. However, one of the most spectacular phenomena is the blooming of various plants. Find out where to go to see the beauty of sakura trees and an entire valley of magnolias with your own eyes

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Spring is the time when nature wakes up from its hibernation, filling the air with fragrances and colours. Ukraine, a country with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature, offers many places where you can enjoy the blooming of various plants, even those such as the sakura, which is considered a symbol of Japan.

So, we're going to tell you where to go to see and take pictures against the backdrop of the charming flowers.

Sakura trees in Kyiv

Sakura, or wild cherry, is primarily associated with Japan. However, thanks to climatic conditions, this wonderful flower can be found in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that it is only the beginning of April, real spring warmth has come to Kyiv, giving the locals an early awakening of the cherry blossom.

The first trees began to bloom in the Dniprovskyi and Desnianskyi districts, but soon the blossoms will be available in all districts of the capital. However, keep in mind that cherry blossoms bloom for about two weeks, so you should hurry up with your walks in Kyiv parks.

Here are some of the locations where sakuras grow in Kyiv:

Dniprovskyi district - Peremohy Park;

Desnianskyi district - Kyoto park;

Darnytskyi district - Partisan Glory Park;

Shevchenkivskyi district - Independence Square, Munich Square, Volodymyrska Hill, Landscape Alley;

Pecherskyi district - Kontraktova Square, Kurenivskyi Park;

Obolonskyi district - Natalka Park, Stepan Bandera Avenue, Pushcha-Vodytsia Park, Dnipro embankment;

Solomianskyi district - Zerov Park, Vidradnyi Park, Orlyatko Park, Solomianskyi Park;

Sviatoshynskyi district - International Park, park on Orest Vaskul Street (formerly known as Feodora Pushina Street);

Holosiivskyi district - a park near VDNH.

In addition to Kyiv, Uzhhorod is also famous for its sakura blossoms. This city will be an ideal place to hold photo shoots during the cherry blossom season. 

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Where to admire magnolias?

Magnolias can often be seen in Kyiv parks. You can admire these flowers in the capital at the following locations:

Obolonskyi district - Natalka Park;

Desnianskyi district - a park with water bodies on Roman Shukhevych Avenue;

Darnytskyi district - Partisan Glory Park, Warriors-Internationalists Park;

Dniprovskyi district - Victory Park;

Solomianskyi district - Vidradnyi Park;

Pecherskyi district - Maria Zankovetska Square, Bastionnyi Square;

Holosiivskyi district - M. Rylskyi Holosiivskyi Park.

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Narcissus Valley

The blooming season of the Narcissus Valley, located in Zakarpattia, will soon begin. Every year, thousands of tourists come to this location to enjoy this beauty.

A rare and beautiful natural phenomenon is located near Khust in Zakarpattia. In spring, the fields are covered with wild daffodil flowers, creating incredibly picturesque landscapes. 

The emergence of the Transcarpathian relict Narcissus Valley is associated with the Ice Age, when a huge layer of land slid down from the mountains along with unique plants. After the ice melted, a lot of water flowed down from the mountains, which contributed to the acclimatisation, flowering and spread of the narrow-leaved daffodil. 

Usually, the season of these flowers begins in May, so don't miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful place.

At the same time, Zakarpattia offers more than just daffodils.  In particular, at the end of March, magnolias (Uzhhorod), crocuses and primroses (Kolochava), and turf (Vynohradiv) bloom in the region.

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