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Ukrainian restaurants abroad: where to taste Ukrainian cuisine around the world



Ukrainian restaurants abroad: where to taste Ukrainian cuisine around the world

It is unlikely that you will meet a person in Europe or the United States today who has not heard of Ukrainian borsch, but not everyone has tried this traditional dish. Here are the places around the world where you can try Ukrainian cuisine

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Ukrainian culture is becoming increasingly popular. In different parts of the world, people are learning more and more about the people, life, traditions and, of course, the cuisine of Ukraine. Today, Ukrainian restaurants operate in many countries, some for a long time, others were opened during the war.

Where can you taste Ukrainian dishes abroad? In this selection, we have gathered the most interesting establishments located in different parts of the world.

 Borščs, Riga, Latvia

The Ukrainian cuisine restaurant Borsch in Latvia was opened by Ukrainian women who evacuated after the start of the full-scale invasion. The most popular dishes are varenyky, syrnyky, and borsch. The restaurant is gradually gaining popularity, with Ukrainians, residents of Riga, and even employees of the Latvian Ministry of Defense visiting it. In addition to treating guests, Ukrainian women are also actively helping the Armed Forces.

"This is not an ordinary coffee shop. This is a dinner with Ukrainian women. A dinner that warms the stomach and heart. A dinner that creates work, gives you a chance to regain strength and believe in goodness again. Come and have a delicious meal for a donation." - this is the description of the restaurant on their Facebook page.

FB, Borščs - garšīgi pie ukrainietēm

▶ Address: Ģertrūdes iela 6, Centra rajons, Rīga.

Fayna Ukraina, Berlin, Germany

The Ukrainian karaoke restaurant in Berlin "Fayna Ukraina" was opened in November 2022. The place not only serves delicious Ukrainian dishes: salo, Kyiv cutlets, veal steak with cherry sauce, and lamb curry, but also organizes various charity evenings and other events.

Slava Shestopalov,

▶ Address: Menzelstrasse 1, 14193, Grunewald, Berlin.

LVIV - kawior, wódka, bliny, Wroclaw, Poland

This is a very popular and modern bistro with authentic Ukrainian cuisine. The hallmark of the restaurant is its potato pancakes in various versions, with cream, with boletus, with pork goulash. The menu also includes special Lviv dumplings and yeast pancakes.  

FB, LVIV - kawior, wódka, bliny

▶ Address: Legnicka 25, Wrocław.

Żytomyr.Bar, Wroclaw, Poland

One of the most popular Ukrainian pubs in Wroclaw. The menu includes Ukrainian cuisine: borsch, crispy pancakes, cheesecakes with jam and cream, and a multi-story honey cake for dessert. Special dumplings made of thin dough and handmade are especially popular among visitors.

FB, Żytomyr.Bar 

▶ Address: Zatorska 60A, Wrocław.

Kozacka Chatka, Wroclaw, Poland

Kozacka Chatka has been operating in Wroclaw since 2012. It is very popular among both Ukrainians and Poles. The interior is decorated in Ukrainian style, and the prices are quite affordable. In Kozacka Chatka you can feel the true Ukrainian spirit and taste delicious Ukrainian cuisine. 

FB, Kozacka Chatka 

▶ Address: ul. Energetyczna 14/1B, Wroclaw.

Willa Biała, Warsaw, Poland

An exquisite restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine located in a historic villa. The first owner was a Galician, so the menu is inspired by Galician cuisine. There is not only borscht, but also fish soup, dumplings with potatoes, cheese, and even sturgeon and duck. The highlight of the menu is pancakes with eel.

FB, Willa Biała 

▶ Address: ul. Ludwika Narbutta 10, Warszawa. 

Karczma Did Panas, Poznan, Poland

A Ukrainian restaurant in the heart of the Polish city of Poznan offers visitors to try traditional dishes such as borsch, dumplings, pancakes, and more. However, not only delicious dishes attract guests, but also the interior inspired by Ukrainian culture.

FB, Karczma Did Panas 

▶ Address: Święty Marcin 69, 61-808 Poznań. 

Mriya, London, UK

Another establishment opened by Ukrainians who were forced to move abroad at the beginning of the war. The restaurant opened its doors on August 31. It is run by chef Yuriy Kovryzhenko. Mriya's menu consists of 24 dishes, including traditional Ukrainian dishes and the chef's own specialties: borsch, Kyiv cutlet, pickles and vinaigrette with crayfish necks, stuffed cabbage in zucchini flowers, duck breast with apple tart. The restaurant operates in a neo-bistro format with haute cuisine, but there is no excessive pathos or luxury.

▶ Address: 275 Old Brompton Rd, London.

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Ukrainian hata, New Jersey, USA

Ukrainian hata is a corner with Ukrainian dishes on the food court of the Hudson Green Market shopping center in New Jersey. Among the restaurant's guests are Ukrainians, who sometimes even come from neighboring states to try their favorite dishes, and Americans who want to try something new. The most popular dishes are borsch and dumplings. The restaurant's team consists of Ukrainians.