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Restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine abroad: 14 establishments in different countries of the world



Restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine abroad: 14 establishments in different countries of the world

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Ukrainian culture is becoming more and more popular in the world. In different corners of the planet, people learn more and more about the people, life, traditions and, of course, the cuisine of Ukraine. Restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine operate in many countries of the world, some have been open for a long time, others were already opened during the war.

Where can you taste Ukrainian dishes abroad? In this selection, we have gathered 15 establishments in 11 countries of the world.

  "StockPot", Riga, Latvia

The restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "StockPot" in Latvia was opened by Ukrainian women who evacuated after the beginning of a full-scale invasion. The most popular dishes are dumplings, cheesecakes and borscht. The restaurant is gradually gaining tremendous popularity, it is visited by Ukrainians, residents of Riga and even employees of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia.

In addition to entertaining guests, Ukrainian women actively help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the first money earned, restaurant owner Tetyana Verebova and her employees bought and handed over an SUV and a batch of humanitarian cargo to our military.

• Address: Ģertrūdes iela 6, Centra rajons, Rīga.

"Borsch Restaurant", Vilnius, Lithuania

The restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Borsch" in Vilnius will treat visitors to several varieties of borscht. Here it is prepared not only according to the classic recipe, the menu of the establishment includes Hutsul fish borscht and green borscht with sorrel. It is also worth tasting several varieties of varenyki, pancakes, lard, and Kyiv-style cutlet.

In the restaurant itself, the prices are quite democratic, and by prior agreement, you can organize a banquet and out-of-town ceremonies here.

• Address: Algirdo g. 5-2 LT-03219, Vilnius.

"Lviv Bistro", Wroclaw, Poland

A very popular Ukrainian establishment in Poland. The calling card of the restaurant is deruny in various versions, with cream, with boletus, with pork goulash. The menu also includes signature Lviv varenyki and yeast pancakes.

• Address: Legnicka 25, Wrocław.

"Żytomyr.Bar", Wroclaw, Poland

One of the most popular Ukrainian pubs in Wroclaw. The restaurant's menu includes dishes from Ukrainian cuisine: borscht, crispy varenyki, cheesecakes with jam and cream, and a multi-tiered honey cake for dessert. Signature varenyki made of thin dough, which are molded by hand, are especially popular among visitors.

• Address: Zatorska 60A, Wrocław.

"Kozacka Chatka", Wroclaw, Poland

The "Kozatska Khata" restaurant has been operating in Wroclaw since 2012. He is very popular, both among Ukrainians and Poles. The interior of the establishment is made in Ukrainian style, and the prices here are quite affordable. In "Cossack House" you can feel the true Ukrainian spirit and try delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

• Address: ul. Energetycznej 14 / Wejherowskiej 19A, Wrocław.

"Willa Biała", Warsaw, Poland

An exquisite restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine located in a historic villa. The first hostess was a woman from Galicia, so the restaurant's menu is inspired by Galician cuisine. Here there is not only borscht, but also fish soup, varenyki with potatoes, cheese, and even sturgeon and duck. The highlight of the menu is the deruny with eel.

• Address: ul. Narbutta 10, Warszawa.

"Karczma Did Panas", Poznań, Poland

The restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in the very center of the Polish city of Poznań offers visitors to try traditional dishes such as borscht, varenyki, deruny and others. Not only delicious dishes attract guests to enjoy, but also the interior inspired by Ukrainian culture.

• Address: Święty Marcin 69, 61-808 Poznań, Poland

"Mriya", London, Great Britain

Another establishment started by Ukrainians who were forced to move abroad with the start of the war. The restaurant opened its doors on August 31. He works under the leadership of chef Yury Kovryzhenko.

The "Mriya" menu consists of 24 dishes, these are traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine and signature dishes of the chef: borscht, Kiev-style cutlet, pickle and vinaigrette with crab necks, holubtsi in zucchini flowers, duck breast with apple tart. The establishment operates in a neo-bistro format with haute cuisine, but there is no excessive pathos or luxury here.

• Address: 275 Old Brompton Rd, London.

"Borshtch 'n' Tears", London, Great Britain

In translation, the restaurant is called "Borscht and Tears", it was opened in 1965 and according to the owners, it became the first restaurant of Eastern European cuisine in the city. Of course, the menu includes real Ukrainian borscht, as well as varenyki, deruny and other dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Also, "Borshtch 'n' Tears" often hosts concerts of Ukrainian music, both guest stars and those Ukrainians who have been living in Great Britain for a long time perform here.

• Address: 46 Beauchamp Pl, Knightsbridge, SW3 1NX, London.

"Ukrainian hata", New Jersey, USA

Ukrainian hata is a corner with Ukrainian dishes in the food court of the Hudson Green Market shopping center in New Jersey. Among the restaurant's guests are Ukrainians, who sometimes even come specially from neighboring states to taste their favorite dishes, and Americans who want to try something new. The most popular dishes are borscht and varenyki. Ukrainians work in the institution's team.

• Address: 77 Hudson St, Jersey City.

"Smachnogo", Tokyo, Japan

The first restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Smachnogo" in Japan started its work in September 2022. The team of the institution are Ukrainians who were evacuated to Japan. The menu includes borscht, buckwheat porridge, holubtsi, and Kyiv-style cutlets.

• Address: 〒105-0003 Tokyo, Minato City, Nishishinbashi, 1 Chome−19−8 虎ノ門ビル 2F ACN, Japan.

"Salo Restaurant", Shanghai, China

The establishment with a Ukrainian flavor "Salo Restaurant" was opened by a Ukrainian in 2008. The restaurant's menu excites local residents and brings Ukrainians back to their home comforts. Borscht and meatballs, mashed potatoes and varenyki, and, of course, lard. There are different types of lard here - salted, smoked, baked.

• Address: 900 Sanxin street, number 1007, Thames town, 1007, Shanghai.

"The Borsch", Prague, Czech Republic

The owners of the establishment, Alex Martynov and Natalya Bas, a couple from Kropyvnytskyi, after moving to the Czech Republic, first organized borscht parties for friends, which later grew into a large establishment - The Borsch restaurant, which was opened in September 2021.

The restaurant menu has 3-4 types of first courses every day. Also, very popular are Kyiv-style cutlets, holubtsi, varenyki with cherries, deruny, cheesecakes, and nalysniks.

After February 24, The Borsch stopped being just a place where Ukrainians and Czechs from nearby streets dine. Now here they help refugees with the search for housing and work, advise on various issues.

• Address: U Vodárny 10, 130 00 Praha 3-Vinohrady, Czech Republic.

"YOY", Dubai, UAE

The first Ukrainian restaurant in the UAE was opened on November 25 by the well-known Kyiv company Moderza. The establishment is made in a modern Ukrainian style, because the chefs create modern Ukrainian cuisine, respecting traditional recipes. For example, Ukrainian borscht is prepared on beetroot kvass and with fire-roasted ribs.

Also on the menu of the restaurant are banosh, coconut fat, wood-fired pie, homemade liqueurs. The interior of the establishment is very atmospheric, Ukrainian music plays.

• Address: West, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Establishments of the company "Chornomorka", Romania and Moldova

The head of the company "Chornomorka" ("Chornomorka", "Anchovy", "Goats and sailors") Olga Kopylova has been developing her network for many years. In Ukraine, restaurants operate in many cities, but currently the company has actively moved to the European market. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, two Chornomorka restaurants have been opened in Romania and Moldova.

The concept of restaurants is fish and seafood. Therefore, the menu does not differ much from the usual Ukrainians, only certain local dishes are added to it.

The opening of the Chornomorka restaurant in Warsaw is planned soon.


• Strada Traian 1, Casa Hrisicos hotel building, Constanta, Romania.

• Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare şi Sfînt 103, Chișinău 2012, Chișinău 2012, Moldova.

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