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The best mountain holidays in Europe or how to go hiking in the Carpathians?

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The best mountain holidays in Europe or how to go hiking in the Carpathians?

A hike in the mountains is always an interesting adventure, but also a thrilling challenge. However, the Carpathians offer a variety of hikes that will suit both experienced tourists and beginner mountain travellers. Find out how to organise a hike, when to go and where to find a tour

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Mountain holidays in Europe are not only about the Alps and Pyrenees. There is a place that combines unspoilt nature, rich culture and accessibility for tourists from all over the world. This is the Ukrainian Carpathians, an ideal place for those who crave adventure and solitude with nature.

Why the Ukrainian Carpathians?

The Ukrainian Carpathians offer a unique combination of forests, mountain rivers, waterfalls and alpine meadows. It is a place where every step opens up a new breathtaking landscape. But it's not just nature that makes the Carpathians an ideal choice for hiking. 

The ease of organisation, the availability of qualified guides and the hospitality of the locals make this region attractive to foreigners.

It is also worth considering that the Carpathians are not the most difficult mountains for hiking, which makes them more attractive for amateurs and beginners. 

How to start hiking in the mountains

If you want to go hiking for the first time, you don't need any special training or sophisticated equipment to have an adventure in the Carpathians. As many trails offer routes of varying difficulty, ranging from easy hiking to serious alpine trekking. Exploring starts with choosing a suitable route that suits your skill level and interests.

Thanks to the good preparation of the tours and the professionalism of the guides, even tourists who have come to Ukraine for the first time can easily start their adventure.

When is it worth going to the mountains?

Every season in the Carpathians magically reveals its beauty. Summer in the Carpathians is hot, giving you the opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest: sunbathe and refresh yourself in cool mountain lakes, pick wild berries and mushrooms. For those who are just starting out in hiking, summer is the perfect time to travel to the Carpathians. 

Although the summer weather can be changeable, with rains and sudden temperature fluctuations, it is more forgiving of minor mistakes and lack of experience. In winter, however, in the harsh mountains, the slightest mistake, insufficient quality of equipment or lack of preparation can lead to serious consequences. 

In this period of the year, the mountains do not tolerate shortcomings, so you should go there in winter in a more prepared form.

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How easy it is to organise a hike

Joining a group hike or organising an individual tour with a guide from Visit Ukraine is easy. Just go to the tours section of our portal, choose the desired route and date, and then book your place. It's a great way to explore the Carpathians without worrying about the planning details.

The Ukrainian Carpathians offer one of the best mountain holiday destinations in Europe, combining natural beauty, accessibility and unique hospitality. Regardless of your hiking experience, it's easy to get started on your adventure.

Hiking in the Carpathians is accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. Whether it's a relaxing stroll through alpine meadows or a multi-day hike through the mountain peaks, there is something special for everyone. 

Tips for tourists planning a hike in the Carpathians:

- Prepare for the changing climate: the weather in the mountains can change quickly.

- Choose high-quality equipment if you need it (tent, sleeping bag, backpack).

- Choose appropriate footwear and clothing for hiking.

- Follow the advice of your guide.

- Do not forget your camera or phone to capture unforgettable moments of your adventure.

We remind you! Travelling to the western regions of Ukraine in spring is a good opportunity to relax and recuperate, while saving a lot of money, as the winter season is already over. Read more about an incredible 5-day tour to the Carpathians, which will allow you to breathe in and reboot completely here.

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