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Top 11 mystical and mysterious places in Kyiv

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Top 11 mystical and mysterious places in Kyiv

The capital of Ukraine has a centuries-old history and hides many secrets that can surprise even the most demanding horror fans. Learn more about the scary and eerie places in Kyiv that are worth visiting

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Both local historians and famous writers have written about the fact that 
Kyiv is a mystical city. Since ancient times, the Ukrainian capital has been famous for mysterious places, the names of which Kyivans are sometimes even afraid to say out loud. Also, the city preserves many spooky legends that are sure to impress even the most daring travelers.

What are they, the most mysterious places in Kyiv? Top selection of mystical sights from Visit Ukraine.

Bald mountain

Lysa Gora is a powerful energy place, which, according to mystics, is ideal for divination, because it is a hepatogenic zone.

However, her story is quite sad. According to legends, in ancient times, thousands of people were walled up here and more than two hundred criminals were executed. Also, people often disappeared and went crazy on the mountain.

Nowadays, Lysa Gora has almost the same appearance as it did hundreds of years ago. It houses a pagan temple, altars for offerings, and a huge statue of Perun, which looks at 4 directions at the same time.

People come here in search of ghosts and apparitions. It is also believed that witches gather on Lysia Gora.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a mystical and mysterious place in the very heart of Kyiv. According to legends, the princely court of Kiya, the founder of the Ukrainian capital, was located here.

There are many legends and gossip around Zamkova Gora, this is all due to the fact that in the 19th century, a cemetery of the aristocracy of that time was set up here.

Now there is a temple and an ancient cemetery on the mountain, as well as destroyed ancient graves, monuments and crypts. Usually, various ceremonies are held here.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a historical area in the Pechersk district of the capital. Its ominous name "harmoniously" combines with the neighboring Lysa and Busovi mountains, also shrouded in numerous legends. In this way, the three hills seem to form a real mystical triangle. Kyiv Montenegro is a place miraculously lost in time and space, which is also located in the very center of the city. A network of narrow and quiet streets intertwine and get lost somewhere on its beautiful slopes, which are abundantly covered with greenery, contrary to the name.

The house of Feofil Yanovsky

On Andriyivskyy Uzviz, there is a house in which professor Feofil Yanovskyi, known throughout Kyiv, used to live.

There is a legend that once a young girl came to the doctor for an appointment and asked to cure her mother. After Feofil Yanovsky visited the patient, it turned out that the daughter who came to him died a year ago. The doctor immediately understood that he was visited by the ghost of the dead girl.

Feofil Yanovsky helped many Kyivans, some even considered him a saint. All the secrets of the famous professor are still preserved in his mysterious house.

Castle Richard the Lionheart

The building appeared on Andriyivsky Uzviz at the beginning of the 20th century and immediately received an informal name - "Castle of Richard the Lionheart". It used to be decorated with copies of the chimeras of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but during the Second World War they were taken away by a German officer.

The building is considered one of the most mystical places in Kyiv, because even today you can hear mysterious and strange sounds here.

Illina Church

The Church of Saint Ilya is one of the oldest Christian churches in Podil. The first mentions of it are found in the annals for the year 944. Many believe that it was from this church that the baptism of Kyivan Rus began.

However, the most mysterious event took place here in the 70s of the 17th century, when a plague epidemic raged in Kyiv. In order to get rid of the disease, an unusual religious service was held in the Illinsk church - in the name of Allah, and in some incomprehensible mystical way the plague epidemic was stopped.

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Gargoyle on Velika Zhytomyrska

The left corner of the building on Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, 8 is decorated with a Gargoyle, which looks at the Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv. It is not known exactly why this mystical creature appeared here, but according to the version, the owner of the house was so fond of spiritual sessions that a chimera was installed near the room where they were held to drive away evil spirits.

Main post office

Prorizna Street, which crosses Independence Square, has the reputation of being the most mystical place in Kyiv. In the 18th century, people died here during a thunderstorm, and in the 19th century, building 22 on the street. Khreschatyk was frightening with abnormal phenomena. According to the stories of local residents, in one of the rooms of the house furniture was constantly being moved and pillows were flying.

During the Second World War, this house was destroyed. When Khreshchatyk was being rebuilt, the Main Post Office appeared on the site of the mysterious building. It is worth noting that its facade is decorated with 13 windows, and in 1989 the canopy of the building fell on people's heads and crushed 13 people.

House with Chimeras

On Bankova Street there is a truly mystical object - the House with Chimeras. This masterpiece of the architect Horodetsky impresses the imagination.

A legend is connected with the appearance of this house - it is said that the daughter of the architect Vladyslav Horodetsky drowned in the Dnieper (according to another version - in the Mediterranean Sea), so the father, overcome by grief, built this house in honor of his daughter, the decoration of which symbolizes the underwater kingdom.

However, in fact, there is no such fact in Horodetskyi's biography, people simply associated with the new house an old story about the daughter of the previous owner of the estate, Fedor Möring, who died at sea.

The house of the merchant Sulima

According to legend, the owner of the house, the merchant Sulima, died immediately after laying the first stone in the house. However, when the construction was completed, an unusual white figure was seen in the windows of the upper floor, and laughter and screams were heard from the attic at night. Later, stones began to fall from the building.

The reasons for such mysterious phenomena are still unknown. However, even now, people who work in the offices located in this building admit that they feel something mystical there.

Underground prison "NKVD"

200 years ago, Pechersk was a closed zone. However, today everything has changed. One day, during the construction of an elite skyscraper, a bricked-up entrance was discovered. Specialists - historians and archaeologists - arrived on the scene. They had to dismantle the wall and pump out tons of water. After carefully inspecting the huge halls, the head of the expedition made a shocking statement – "This is an abandoned prison of the NKVD". But all the secrets of the find have not been revealed until now.


Kyiv is a mystical city, it has many places that testify to the presence of evil forces. Therefore, we invite you to take a walk through the most mysterious streets of the capital to learn all its secrets.

You can find even more interesting locations in Kyiv on the Visit Ukraine website. Follow the link and choose the most interesting tours of the unbreakable capital of Ukraine!

We remind you! Kyiv is a much more special city than it might seem at first glance. Read more about the unusual places in the capital that hide the secrets and centuries-old history of Ukraine in our previous article.

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