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21 Apr. 2024


Holidays in Ukraine during the war: which areas are forbidden to visit



Holidays in Ukraine during the war: which areas are forbidden to visit

During the war, there are some restrictions on visiting certain places in Ukraine. Find out where you are allowed to go on holiday and which places you are not allowed to visit

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

It's springtime in Ukraine and it's a great time to get together for a holiday with friends or family. The geography of the country opens for tourists an extensive list of places that should be visited during the trip, but in the conditions of the ongoing war, some locations in Ukraine are closed and you can not go there now. We tell you which areas are forbidden for recreation and visiting.

What types of holidays are forbidden in Ukraine during the war?

It should be banned rafting, hiking, walking and excursions along the routes near critical infrastructure (military facilities, energy facilities and other locations important for the life of the country).

Tourist spots close to the borders with Belarus and Russia are also inaccessible.  

In addition, restrictions apply to visiting some mountain routes, water bodies, forests in different regions. And holidays in the east and south of Ukraine, especially in frontline zones, are dangerous due to active hostilities.

Most likely, this year tourists should also forget about beach holidays on the shores of the Black and Azov seas. The coast of the latter is fully occupied by Russians, while the Black Sea coast is inaccessible due to mine danger and threats of rocket fire.

Where can you have a rest, taking into account certain rules?

Relatively safe are the central and western regions of Ukraine. However, even in these territories there are some restrictions, which may differ from region to region.

In Kiev and Kiev region it is forbidden to visit forests and green areas outside residential areas. Rafting by water bodies is also prohibited. The Chernobyl zone is also still closed to visitors. Now in the Kiev region work all locations that were able to recover - accommodation establishments, museums, estates.

In Cherkassy region it is possible to have a rest at water bodies, but only those that were determined by the Regional State Administration. Officially in Cherkassy there are 5 beaches: three communal and two private. Also there is partially allowed to visit the forest.

In Vinnitsa tourist facilities operate in the usual mode and in accordance with their schedules. Tourist activities are allowed on water bodies, except for places where there are critical infrastructure facilities, as well as in the border zone.

In Volyn region there are no restrictions on visiting exhibitions, cinema, museums and other tourist places, however, there are certain prohibitions on rafting on water bodies under bridges and visiting forests near the Belarusian border. At the same time, it is allowed to swim in rivers and lakes located in places of mass recreation, in particular, on Lake Svityaz.  

In Lviv region, you can walk in the forest, but it is forbidden to enter it by vehicle. The only exceptions are cases when the forest area is a transit route or a bicycle route. It is only allowed to make a fire in the designated areas. Excursions, hiking, rafting on routes near critical infrastructure, military and strategic facilities are prohibited.   

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In Transcarpathia, many forest trails are available for hiking, but some places remain closed to visitors. This applies, in particular, to sections of the Uzhansky National Park and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, located near the borders with other countries. Among the closed tourist sites are the mountain "Pop Ivan" and the waterfall "Jelinski", which are located within the boundaries of the Tribuszanski Nature Conservation Research Unit. Flying single-engine aeroplanes as a tourist attraction is also prohibited.

In Ivano-Frankivsk region it is allowed to visit mountains and forests. In addition, additional temporary regime restrictions have been approved in Verkhovyna district and in villages in the border strip within the Zeleni and Biloberka rural councils. In particular, the ban concerns recreation on the territory of communities bordering the border.

In the Ternopil region it is also allowed to visit forests. Here all tourist facilities operate in the usual mode and in accordance with the approved schedules. The region is developing new and improving the existing routes of active hiking and cycling tourism. 

In Rivne region it is allowed to go to forests and pick berries, but not on the whole territory. It is forbidden to visit the northern parts of six territorial communities: Loknitska, Zarechnenska, Vysotska, Milyatska, Staroselska, Berezovska.

In Khmelnytskyi region all tourist facilities operate in the usual mode and in accordance with the approved schedules. Visiting the forests is not prohibited, but there are certain restrictions: campfires are prohibited, as well as entry into the forests of all types of vehicles, except cycling.

In Chernivtsi region all tourist sites are operating in normal mode. Tourist locations, which are located within 5 kilometres from the border strip, can be visited only with the permission of border guards.  

Despite some bans, there are enough locations in Ukraine to have a great holiday with family and friends. On the Visit Ukraine portal you can find different types of holidays and travel destinations. But foreign visitors who want to visit Ukraine are encouraged to take care of their safety. This can be done with the help of an insurance policy that covers military risks. You can find such a unique offer here.

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