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The most beautiful islands of Ukraine that can be visited even today

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The most beautiful islands of Ukraine that can be visited even today

Nature has given Ukraine the most beautiful mountains, fields, forests and, of course, landscape islands, which were formed on both rivers and seas. These are the places you can visit while on holiday with your family to enjoy the beauty and take breathtaking photos as a keepsake. Find out which islands you can see with your own eyes today

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Ukraine, a country with a rich history and unique landscapes, offers travellers the opportunity to explore not only its cities and mountains, but also the picturesque islands located on rivers and seas that have a special charm. 

Monastery Island in the Dnipro River

The island surprises with a variety of natural landscapes: the western part is covered with majestic granite cliffs, while the eastern side smoothly turns into a sandy spit. There are various entertainment facilities on the island, including a zoo, spacious beaches, a cable car, a river pier, as well as boat stations and cosy cafes. This makes holidays on the island especially comfortable for families. A pedestrian bridge leads to the island from the right bank of the Dnipro River.

The island is also of interest for scientific research. Archaeologists have found ancient artefacts here, including stone hammers, flint knives, spinning wheels and bumpers, as well as individual bones and mammoth teeth, which testify to the rich history of this place.

Khortytsia Island near Zaporizhzhia

Khortytsia Island is the most famous and largest island on the Dnipro River, located near Zaporizhzhia. This island is the cradle of Cossack history and Ukrainian culture. Today, Khortytsia is a national reserve where you can see reconstructions of Cossack settlements, as well as enjoy the untouched nature and rich diversity of flora and fauna.

The island is home to populated settlements and numerous historical and archaeological sites. There are also sanatoriums and tourist resorts, and the island's large sandy beaches attract holidaymakers. The nature of Khortytsia Island is unique: spruce and deciduous forests thrive on its territory, and floodplain meadows are still preserved in the southern part of the island.

Photo: Eugene Vik

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Kempa Island in Vinnytsia

Kempa is one of the largest islands on the Southern Bug River, where capital construction is prohibited due to its artificial origin. Despite this restriction, the island continues to be a picturesque place for nature lovers, even though it has no direct land connection to the shores.

Experts believe that Kempa has significant recreational potential. In the past, activists have proposed various projects for the development of the island, including the construction of an ancient fortress, the creation of a runway for UFOs with spacecraft decorations, and the opening of a cultural and entertainment complex. However, these projects were never implemented.

Trukhaniv Island in Kyiv

Trukhaniv Island is also known for its environmental initiatives. Various NGOs and volunteer organisations regularly organise events to clean up the island's rubbish and improve its environmental condition. These efforts help to preserve the island's natural beauty and maintain it as an attractive holiday destination.

Trukhaniv Island remains one of the most favourite and most visited places in Kyiv, where everyone can find something for themselves, whether it is a relaxing outdoor holiday, active sports or cultural events.

Zhukov Island in Kyiv

Zhukov Island, located in the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv, is part of the landscape reserve of the same name. One of the island's most iconic natural features is the "Oak on the Blue Water", a local natural monument. This oak tree is often called the most romantic tree in the capital, being over 500 years old and having a trunk girth of over 6 metres.

Zhukov Island is an ideal place for a quiet family holiday, especially for those who appreciate the opportunity to observe nature. It is home to four species of plants listed in the Red Book, making it not only a beautiful but also an ecologically significant corner of nature.

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Photo: Zysko Serhii

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