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Climbing the mountains: Hoverla, Khomyak, Yavirnyk and Kostel – the best routes in the Ukrainian Carpathians



Climbing the mountains: Hoverla, Khomyak, Yavirnyk and Kostel – the best routes in the Ukrainian Carpathians

The Ukrainian Carpathians are an ideal place for travelers looking for a little adrenaline and a lot of unforgettable experiences. And what's more, regardless of the level of physical fitness, everyone can find a suitable route for themselves here. Learn more about the features and level of difficulty of the routes available to tourists

Tours to the Carpathians for every taste: from mountain climbing to relaxation in vats
Tours to the Carpathians for every taste: from mountain climbing to relaxation in vats

Hiking in the mountains is both an interesting adventure and an exciting challenge. However, despite the complexity, hiking is considered one of the most interesting ways of spending time from the category of active recreation. You can go hiking with your family, close friends, or even alone. Such an experience creates shared interesting memories and gives the joy of unity with nature.

The Ukrainian Carpathians offer a variety of routes that are suitable for both experienced tourists and beginner travelers. We talk about the most interesting of them in this article.

Hoverla is the highest peak of Ukraine, accessible to everyone

Hoverla is the highest point of Ukraine, its height is 2061 m. One of the most popular peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians is located on the border of Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, on the high-mountainous Chornohory Carpathian ridge. If you sign up for a tour on Hoverla, you will be able to walk through: a forest zone, alpine meadows, shrubs, you will see stone outcrops, a variety of rare vegetation, as well as the sources of the Prut River. Also, most travelers are attracted here by fantastic landscapes and mysterious local nature.

- Features of the route:

The first official tourist route to the top was opened in 1880. Since that time, the flow of those willing to conquer Hoverla only grows, and the trodden paths become more and more.

Tourists are attracted to Hoverla by fairly easy and short routes (even children can conquer the mountain), accessibility in terms of logistics, and, of course, fascinating landscapes. However, the mountain also periodically shows its character and even punishes those who treat it too carelessly.

Climbing Hoverla is a one-day hike, designed for 5-6 hours of active walking. The excursion to Hoverla runs along an ecological and educational trail within the protected area of the Carpathian National Nature Park.

The main climbing season on Hoverla starts when the last snow falls - late May/early June - and ends in October.

Gora Khomyak - adventures all year round

Khomyak Mountain lies within the southeastern part of Gorgan above the village of Tatariv, which is on the territory of the Yaremchan City Council of the Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Its height is 1542 m. The top of Khomyak is one of the most popular locations among tours that prefer one-day hikes. From the top of the mountain there is an incredible view of the Chornohirsky Range - the highest mountain massif in Ukraine.

The mountain got its name due to its interesting shape, which resembles the back of an alpine hamster. The foothills of the Hamyak mountain are decorated with mixed forests, a little higher there are coniferous forests and pine forests, the top is completely covered with stones.

Photo: karpatium

- Features of the route:

Climbing to the top does not require special training, so both children and the elderly can go on a hike to Hamyak Mountain in the spring-autumn period. Also, the route to Mount Khomyak is ideal for beginners who are just starting to master winter climbing.

A hike to Khomyak is a leisurely walk along a forest serpentine. The forest path will occasionally be interrupted by mountain streams and stones that have long been overgrown with moss. In this way, the path leads to the pasture of Khomyakiv - a high mountain pasture. On this meadow, there are several kolybs. In the summer, Hutsuls cook cheese (budz) there and willingly sell it to tourists. You can also just take a walk here, take a photo as a memory and admire the views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

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Mount Yavirnyk is an observation deck in the heart of the Carpathians

The top of the Yavirnyk ridge is called Yavirnyk-Gorgan (1467 m), it is located in the southeastern part of Gorgan on the territory of the Yaremchan city council.

Yavirnyk-Gorgan is recognized as the best viewing platform in the Carpathians, because it offers a fantastic view of the neighboring mountains and ridges: Sinyak (1,665 m), Dovbushanka (1,754 m), as well as the Chornohirsky massif with the highest point of Ukraine - Hoverla (2,061 m).

On the southern slopes of the mountain is the Yavirnyk meadow - another great place for recreation, from which you can see the most popular mountains of the Gorgan massif: Khomyak, Makovitsa and Sinyak. By the way, you can spend the night here in guest houses. In summer, you can also meet shepherds and buy polony cheese or sheep's milk from them. And at the same time learn more about everyday life and Polish life.

Photo: karpatytravel

- Features of the route:

The Yavirnyk ridge is one of the most popular routes for one-day trips. Due to its convenient location and easy route, it is especially popular with beginners. It is located next to, probably, the most famous tourist location of the Carpathians after Bukovel - the city of Yaremche. Yaremche has good logistics, so a trip to Yavirnyk is available to tourists without a car.

Mount Kostel is the best mountain for a first ascent

Mount Gorgan or Kostel is located approximately 4.5 km east of the famous Hutsul village of Mykulychyn, located on the Prut River. The height of Kostel reaches 1049 m and ends with a powerful rock with an extremely impressive panorama of the surrounding meadows and forests. The northern slope of the mountain is a vertical wall.

Photo: go to rest

- Features of the route:

The route is of medium difficulty, suitable for beginners. No special skills are required. The main thing is a cheerful spirit and comfortable shoes with a ribbed surface. The total length of the route in both directions is about 5 km.

During the trip, tourists also visit a cool location - the Great Hutsul Swing, where you can take interesting memorable photos.

The culmination of the trip is the mountain-rock of Kostel itself, from which simply fantastic views open up, similar to the views from the highest Ukrainian peaks.

Next to the mountain there is a wonderful koliba, where delicious Hutsul dishes are prepared.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are recognized as one of the best places for mountain recreation in Europe, because they combine the beauty of nature, accessibility and unique hospitality. Tourists of different ages and levels of training can go on a trip here, the main thing is to choose the right route.

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We remind you that the Carpathians are a location not only for peaceful relaxation, but also an ideal place for lovers of extreme adventures, because it has everything: raging rivers, rocky mountains, steep slopes and dense forests. The list of places where thrill-seekers can go in the Carpathians can be found at the link.

We wish you a good trip!

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