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Where to stay in Ivano-Frankivsk: the most cosy places for city guests

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Where to stay in Ivano-Frankivsk: the most cosy places for city guests

There are many beautiful cities in the western part of Ukraine, one of which is Ivano-Frankivsk. A trip there will definitely give you a lot of positive impressions and unforgettable emotions, but you need to think about where to stay in advance. Find out which districts are suitable for you to stay in when travelling to Ivano-Frankivsk

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Ivano-Frankivsk is the heart of Prykarpattia, which attracts tourists with its cultural attractions, cosy streets and hospitality. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, it is important to find a place where you can stay comfortably and enjoy all its charms. 

On classifieds sites, including Visit Ukraine, you can find a variety of accommodation options in the Hotels section, including hostels, hotels and apartments. The variety of prices allows you to choose accommodation to suit any budget.

When choosing a place to stay, it is important to consider its location. Although Ivano-Frankivsk is not very large, it may not be convenient to get to from residential areas or suburbs.

In general, Ivano-Frankivsk consists of different neighbourhoods, and each of them is special: Kaskad, Sofiyivka, Pozitron, Gorka, Budivelnykiv, Pasichna, Braty, Naberezhna, Kniahynyn, Kyshlak, Tsentr, Arsenal, Maisli, Zaliznychnyi, Nemetska Kolonytsia, Parkovyi, Belvedere, Pivnichnyi Boulevard, Bulvar, Opryshivtsi, Novyi Svit, Bam, Horodok.

However, despite such a large list of neighbourhoods, the most visited and popular places in the city are still located in or near the centre. 

City centre - attractions, convenient infrastructure

Speaking about the central part of Ivano-Frankivsk, you should pay attention to Dnistrovska, Sichovykh Striltsiv, Lepkyi streets, the beginning of Chornovil or Konovalets streets, Vovchynetska and neighbouring lanes.

In the city centre, you can stroll through squares, the central square, parks and other cosy places.  There is Rynok Square and the Town Hall, which are the centrepiece of the city centre. 

There are also famous restaurants and cafes. But most importantly, it is the central part of the city that has the most developed transport infrastructure, including the railway station, buses and minibuses.

Where to stay? Hotel Nadezhda, Franz, and Central and MIF hostels.

Pasichna - a family-friendly neighbourhood with ponds

Pasichna is a quiet and green neighbourhood located near the Bystrytsia Solotvynska River. Here you will find many cosy private houses and modern apartment complexes. There is also a lake in the area, and a river flows along it.

The area is perfect for families and those who prefer a quieter atmosphere. Pasichna is easily accessible from the city centre by public transport or taxi.

Where to stay? Maria Garden complex, Studios near the Radio Plant, Apartment Halits'ka 133.

Bam district - a new part of the city

The Bam district is one of the newest and most modern parts of the city, where construction and infrastructure development is actively underway. Here you will find many modern residential complexes, shopping centres and entertainment venues. 

The area attracts young people and those who value comfort and novelty. Good transport interchange allows you to quickly get to the city centre.

Where to stay? There are practically no hotels and hostels in the area, but you can find a room in the Optima Collection Park or Motel nearby.

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The Knyahynyn district is a place of history

Knyahynyn is an old district of Ivano-Frankivsk with a rich history and atmosphere of the past. It is located in the northern part of the city. Many architectural monuments and old buildings have been preserved here. 

This neighbourhood is perfect for history and culture lovers. The variety of accommodation - from old apartments to modern apartments - allows you to choose an option for every taste.

Where to stay? "Apartments on Halytska Street, Zlata De Luxe, 

Maisley district

Maisley is a quiet and cosy neighbourhood located in the eastern part of the city. It has many green areas, parks and squares, which makes it ideal for families with children and those who like to walk in the fresh air. 

There are also many schools, kindergartens and sports grounds in Maizli. The area attracts those looking for peace and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to stay? Hostel "Under the Ficus" and New Apartment.

Ukraine offers a wide range of accommodation options. During their holidays, tourists can choose hotels of various categories, stay in a hostel, rent an apartment or spend time in a cosy guest house. Book the best hotels in Ivano-Frankivsk here.

If you are interested in places to travel in Ukraine, contact Visit Ukraine. They will offer you affordable options and help you find the perfect place that meets all your requirements.

Tours in Ukraine for every taste. Choose your tour on the website.

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