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09 Nov. 2021


MICE: business tourism in Ukraine



MICE: business tourism in Ukraine

Nowadays, in the field of tourism, business or business tourism is becoming increasingly important. This type of tourism allows you to find the necessary connections, acquire important knowledge, invaluable experience and skills necessary for the development and growth of a business, increases the level of qualifications and professionalism.

In Ukraine, business tourism began to develop rather quickly and reached a high level. Today in the country there are many worthy places for holding business meetings and events of any scale and level. These are standard and non-standard locations of various capacities for all types of business events, different opportunities and budgets. The necessary infrastructure for business tourism has also been created in the country:

• in all regions of the country, a specialized hotel base is developed, which makes it possible to choose a business hotel of the desired category, with a capacity of various numbers of participants and equipped with everything necessary for productive work and good rest;

• an extensive selection of exhibition complexes and conference halls with the latest technical equipment, designed for a different number of visitors;

• modern technologies enable a business person to conduct business regardless of his location;

• international electronic payment systems operate;

• Thousands of international, all-Ukrainian and regional exhibitions are held annually in the country, covering all spheres of human activity.

Since 2007, the Business Tourism Association (BTA Ukraine) has been founded in Ukraine, uniting professionals in this field to improve the quality of services. The Association works on projects that provide business with new opportunities and allow potential partners from different countries to interact.

But the infrastructure of business tourism in Ukraine continues to develop rapidly. Business hotels and business centers are being built in the capital and regional centers, exhibition organizations and congress bureaus are being created, the number of conferences, business trainings and seminars of various profiles is increasing.

The capital of the country Kyiv can claim the status of one of the world centers of business tourism. Every year in Kyiv, a large number of business events of various levels and directions are held, four exhibition centers operate all year round, more than 30 business centers are open, more than 30 hotels with conference rooms. For business events, recreation centers and suburban hotel complexes are involved.

In the first half of 2021, one and a half million tourists from different countries visited Ukraine, a third of which were business tourists. And their number is constantly growing. Informal meetings and negotiations, meeting new suppliers, investors and consumers are steadily leading to the growth of business opportunities.

Ukraine is rapidly rising in the ranking of business tourism and is always open to new partners and new projects.

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