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09 Nov. 2021


Thermal springs of Ukraine: the best health recreation



Thermal springs of Ukraine: the best health recreation

Thermal spas are a unique combination of relaxation that revitalizes energy and health. The waters of natural thermal pools have been successfully used since Roman times.

Thermal waters are conventionally divided into warm, hot and very hot. On the territory of Ukraine, you can find sources from 30 °C to 80 °C. Most of these resorts are located in the Transcarpathian region. And for a reason. This is due to the tectonic structure of this region, because here in the earth's crust there are many faults of different depths and surface waters penetrate into the bowels by faults, are heated and saturated with minerals, and then are forced out to the surface under pressure.

The benefits of thermal waters

Due to its chemical composition, water helps in the fight against various diseases of varying complexity (chronic, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, etc.).

They improve the appearance of the skin, help in the regeneration of the skin, have a rejuvenating effect, and restore the protective function of the epidermis. Interesting fact: certain types of thermal waters are used in cosmetology.

For the soul and psychological health. We all know that in addition to physical health, it is worth taking care of your internal state. Yes, thermal waters help fight stress, and this is not a myth. Hot springs are good for relaxing, which is very useful in a tense situation.

Thermal resorts of Transcarpathia are rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. We have compiled for you a selection of the best thermal resorts in Western Ukraine, where you can relax not only with your body, but also with your soul.

• Thermal waters Velyatino in the tourist complex "Warm Waters" in the village of Velyatino, Transcarpathian region. Not only locals come here, but also tourists from all over the neighboring countries.

• The thermal heart of Ukraine in Transcarpathia - a swimming pool in Kosino. Doctors recommend taking baths here for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There are three hot water pools to choose from, one of which is designed for the wellness of children.

• Complex "Latoritsa" in the village of Mukachevo. The water temperature here is 38 degrees Celsius, and the composition is rich in chlorine, sodium and calcium. A very famous place among visitors.

• Thermal springs in Dolgoe village in Transcarpathia. One of the largest deposits of thermal methane iodine-bromine waters of the Hajduszoboszlo type is located here with numerous outlets of these waters in the villages of Bolshaya Rastoka, Malaya Rastoka, Dubrovka, Plotina, Kamenskoye. There are no direct analogs of the thermal methane iodine-bromine waters of this deposit.

• Swimming pool with thermal mineral water on the territory of the hotel "Transcarpathia". One of the oldest thermal resorts in Transcarpathia was opened back in 1967. The pool is filled from a geyser with a depth of 1500 g with silicon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-sodium chloride waters of high mineralization, which destroy many bacteria.

Listen to your body and allow yourself to rest. We wish you a great time, and most importantly with benefits for your health and well-being.

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