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17 Apr. 2024


Thermal springs of Ukraine: 8 best places for relaxation and rest in 2024

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Thermal springs of Ukraine: 8 best places for relaxation and rest in 2024

A unique combination of relaxation that restores energy and health can be found at thermal resorts. You can find many useful springs for your wellness relaxation in Ukraine. Learn more about the top best thermal springs in Ukraine

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Ukraine is famous not only for fast rivers, crystal clear lakes, stunningly beautiful ponds, reservoirs and waterfalls, but also for healing thermal springs.

Thermal spas are a unique combination of recreation that restores energy and health. The waters of natural thermal pools have been successfully used since the time of the Roman Empire. Visiting hot springs is prescribed for the treatment of a number of diseases, as well as for relaxation and recreation.

Which thermal resorts of Ukraine should be visited in 2024? Rating from Visit Ukraine follows.

What are thermal springs?

In general, thermal waters are conditionally divided into warm, hot and very hot:

- Warm - temperature from +20 to +37°C.

- Hot - from +37 to +50°C.

- Very hot from +50 to +100°C.

On the territory of Ukraine, you can find springs with temperatures from 30°C to 80°C. The vast majority of these resorts are located in Zakarpattia region. And this is not just like that, but is connected with the tectonic structure of this region. There are many faults of different depths in the Earth's crust in Transcarpathia, through them surface water penetrates into the subsoil, heats up and is saturated with minerals, and then is forced to the surface under pressure.

What is the benefit of visiting thermal springs?

Thanks to its chemical composition, water helps in the fight against various diseases: diseases of the respiratory tract, circulatory system, dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders, in the fight against depression, as part of anti-stress therapy, to correct the figure, strengthen immunity, etc.

Top 8 best thermal springs in Ukraine

Thermal waters "Kosino", village Koson, Transcarpathian region

- Working hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (no weekends).

- Ticket price: adults – 500 UAH/3 hours, full day – 1000 UAH; children up to 150 cm tall - free of charge.

- Official website:

- Available tours: Palanok Castle, Kosino thermal waters and wine + Aquapark, SPA excursion to thermal pools in Kosino.

This resort is considered one of the best in Ukraine. It is located in the middle of a 200-year-old oak grove in the picturesque Beregivu region.

In the place where the water flows out of the well, its temperature, already in a cooled form, is kept at the mark from +38°C to +40°C. The water temperature in the source itself reaches + 60°С + 80°С. Most often, the resort is visited by people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

There are 7 pools with thermal and fresh water on the territory of the complex. The highlight of the complex is the world's largest thermal pool "Golden Faucet of Health" with jacuzzi fountains made in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks (beer, wine, coffee and Palenka - Hungarian fruit vodka). The color of the water here corresponds to the color of the drinks, so it is very beautiful and original.

Saunas in "Kosino" are another good reason to come here. Here you can visit the "Ice Cave" or "Salt Foxhole" and get unforgettable emotions.

Also, the first water park in Transcarpathia with 15 extreme slides began operating on the territory of the Kosyno health and recreation complex.

“Zhayvoronok” health complex, Berehove, Transcarpathian region

- Working hours: 08:00 - 22:00 (no weekends).

- Ticket price: adults - 250 UAH/2 hours, all day - 450 UAH, children between 120 and 150 cm tall - 125 UAH/2 hours, all day - 225 UAH, children up to 120 cm tall - free.

- Official website:

- Available tours: SPA vacation in Transcarpathia (+ thermal baths), Vacation in Transcarpathia.

A comfortable and modern health resort where, in addition to thermal water, tourists are treated to delicious Ukrainian cuisine and exquisite Transcarpathian wines. Breathtaking travelers and fantastic local landscapes.

It consists of a main indoor pool with a hydromassage function, a geyser and two waterfalls and a jacuzzi. Also, an open-air beach with 2 thermal pools (for children and adults) and one large pool with fresh water of normal temperature was opened on the territory of the complex.

Thermal baths (Lumshory village)

- Ticket price: UAH 900-1100 for one hour (depending on the size of the tank).

- Official website:

- Available tours: "10 Raisins of Transcarpathia", relaxation tour "Thermal Transcarpathia", SPA excursion to Lumshory and bathing in vats: individual tour.

In a narrow gorge near the largest massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Runa, is the small village of Lumshory, which is known in the region for its thermal resort. Tourists can rest in the vats, which are placed in the open air. Thanks to high temperatures, they work at any time of the year. The tanks are located near a mountain river, bathing in them should be alternated with immersion in cold running water (it is recommended to do this 5-7 times per session). The temperature difference has an invigorating effect on the human body and rejuvenates the skin.

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Complex "Warm waters" (Veliatino village)

- Ticket price: adults – 250 UAH/2 hours, full day – 450 UAH; children up to 140 cm tall - UAH 100/2 hours; full day - UAH 200, children under 3 years old - free of charge; participants in hostilities - 100 hryvnias.

- Official website:

- Available tours: SPA vacation in Transcarpathia (+ thermal baths).

"Warm waters" in the village of Velyatino is a resort that manages to harmoniously combine medical procedures and interesting leisure activities. There are 10 swimming pools on its territory, of which 3 are thermal and 2 mineral, as well as 6 thermal baths with different mineral compositions.

The advantages of the complex include a spacious area, a cafe, a swing, and the presence of a large number of changing rooms and showers.

"Zolota Gora" complex (Barvinok village)

- Working hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (no weekends).

- Ticket price: adults – 400 UAH/ 2 hours, full day – 800 UAH; children 110-150 cm tall - UAH 200/2 hours, full day - UAH 400; children up to 110 cm tall - free of charge.

- Official website:

- Available tours: relaxation tour "Thermal Transcarpathia", Transcarpathian delights: thermal baths, delicacies and wine.

The complex resembles a small cozy castle. The thermal pools here are very spacious and modern: 3 outdoors and 2 indoors. The water temperature is kept at the level of 29-30°С. Its properties are similar to the thermal waters of the best European resorts.

A number of other services are available for visitors: horseback riding, tennis courts, billiards.

Water park "Karpatiya" (Mukachevo)

- Working hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (no weekends).

- Ticket price: adults – 350 UAH/2 hours, full day – 500 UAH; children up to 13 years old - UAH 220/2 hours, full day - UAH 300; children up to 130 cm tall - free of charge.

- Official website:

- Available tours: 5 hours of relaxation in the "Karpatia" Aquapark.

One of the largest entertainment complexes in Ukraine, where modern attractions and a fabulous atmosphere are harmoniously combined. The water park has 11 swimming pools (3 thermal), an outdoor wave pool, a river pool, a SPA area (hammam, salt room, infrared sauna, bath, jacuzzi), 4 types of water slides, 2 children's pools and an outdoor wellness pool.

SPA-complex "Apartel Rikka Khust" (Khust)

- Working hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (no weekends).

- Ticket price: Weekdays: adults - 500 UAH/day, children under 140 cm - 200 UAH/day, children under 3 years old - free. Weekends: adults - 750 UAH/day, children under 140 cm - 300 UAH/day, children under 3 years old - free.

- Official website:

A modern balneological resort with a powerful medical and rehabilitation center and incredible views. On the territory of the complex there is: a pool with mineral water, thermal baths, a salt room, a pump room and a bathhouse.

The price of the ticket includes: a towel, a deck chair, a locker for storing things, a bathhouse, thermal baths, a pool with mineral water, a children's room, a salt room, an experience shower, a pump room, a playground and a parking space.

"Derenivska Kupil" complex (Nizhne Solotvino village)

- Working hours: Monday - Friday: 12:00-20:00, Saturday - Sunday: 09:00-20:00.

- Ticket price: adults – 600-1000 UAH/day; children 120-150 cm - 300-500 UAH/day; children up to 120 cm - free.

- Official website:

In the picturesque foothills of the Carpathians, in the Derenivka tract, 12 kilometers from Uzhgorod, there is the "Derenivska Kupil" complex - a place where you can renew your vital energy. Also, a bath with mineral water is recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases that require energetic heat. In addition, there is a Roman steam room, a Finnish sauna, an ice fountain and a mineral water factory on the territory of the complex.

There is also a unique thermal spring in Ukraine near the village of Shchaslyvtsevo on the Arabat arrow. Its peculiarity in structure is that the water from the well successively passes through 3 basins, while its temperature decreases. In the first pool, it is almost hellish - as much as 70° C. The thermal waters on the Arabatskaya arrow treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the stomach, the endocrine system, metabolic disorders, and gynecological diseases.

Another interesting source, which is famous for its water, which in its composition is not inferior to the water of the Dead Sea, is located in the village of Obloi, Kherson region. The water has a brown-brown color due to minerals. Three pools are equipped for tourists: with a water temperature of about 70°C, the second - 40°C, and the third pool filled with healing mud.

However, these two resorts are located on the Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia, so it is temporarily impossible to visit them.

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