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16 Mai. 2022


Hungary has simplified employment conditions for Ukrainians

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Hungary has simplified employment conditions for Ukrainians

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From the beginning of May, citizens of Ukraine who have applied or have already received temporary protection in Hungary can apply for any job without obtaining a separate employment permit.

Ukrainians who have not received the status of temporary protection can be employed on the general grounds applicable to third-country nationals. These grounds include obtaining a separate work permit. Exceptions to the rule are only workers in professions where there is a shortage of staff - IT, catering, engineering and construction. It is not necessary to obtain a work permit in these areas. In addition, such employees must have a biometric passport. 

The Hungarian government also intends to support employers who hire Ukrainian refugees and provide them with long-term housing and transport. For each Ukrainian worker who arrived after the war, obtained temporary protection and worked for a Hungarian employer for at least 90 days, the latter will receive up to 60 thousand forints (160 euros) per month. If a Ukrainian employee has a child, the employer will receive another 12,000 forints (32 euros) per month.