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13 Jun. 2022


Where can a graduate get a report card when staying abroad?

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Where can a graduate get a report card when staying abroad?

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Ukrainian students staying abroad will be able to obtain documents on completion of basic secondary and complete general secondary education in diplomatic missions of Ukraine abroad. The relevant order of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was approved on June 9, 2022.

To obtain a document on basic or complete secondary education and supplements for them, parents, guardians or other legal representatives of the child must apply to the educational institution in Ukraine where the student studied. The administration of your school must, within five days of receiving the application, collect the documents, including the certificate, which will then be handed over to the diplomatic mission of the country where the graduate is staying.

We remind you that in order to obtain a certificate and form a report card, students who have temporarily studied abroad must obtain a certificate of study of subjects and provide it to the Ukrainian school.