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24 Jul. 2022


Top tourist places in Europe where you can become pickpocketed



Top tourist places in Europe where you can become pickpocketed

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Tourists often become victims of pickpockets. Crowds of people at tourist attractions are a favorable environment for thieves. According to a study by portal, tourist spots in Spain and France are the most dangerous in terms of the likelihood of theft.

Las Ramblas is a famous pedestrian street in Barcelona. More than 3,200 tourists in their reviews on Tripadvisor write that they have met pickpockets here. To protect yourself from theft, you can either refrain from visiting this place, not take valuables with you, or keep a close eye on them.

Potential thieves are also attracted by the Eiffel Tower, more than 2,500 thousand tourists write about this in reviews on Tripadvisor. And the third place on the list of dangers was received by the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Visitors to the Charles Bridge in Prague should also be aware of possible thieves. Here, tourists can be robbed while they are distracted by photographing.

The most dangerous city is Paris, with four popular tourist attractions on the list of potential thefts. In total, the top 10 dangerous tourist places look like this:

- Las Ramblas, Barcelona

- Eiffel Tower, Paris

- Trevi Fountain, Rome

- Charles Bridge, Prague

- Sacré Coeur, Paris

- Colosseum, Rome

- Old Town Square, Prague

- Louvre, Paris

- Notre Dame de Paris, Paris

- Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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