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01 Aug. 2022


Financial assistance for people with disabilities in Poland

Für Flüchtlinge


Financial assistance for people with disabilities in Poland

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Ukrainian migrants with disabilities who arrived in Poland after February 24 this year will be able to receive financial assistance from the PCPM International Assistance Center. Online registration is already open.

The program is focused on financial assistance to persons with disabilities and their guardians who are citizens of Ukraine or another state that is not part of the EU and who permanently resided in Ukraine as of February 24.

Individuals must also meet the following criteria:

1. left Ukraine and crossed the Polish border after the start of the full-scale war;

2. have never participated in the programs of the Polish Center for International Assistance. If you received multipurpose assistance, work assistance, or other financial support from an organization, your application will not be considered. The initiative is designed for new members.

3. have the opportunity to present documentation confirming the first or second group of disability. Supporting papers without an assigned group are required for a child.

Guardians and parents of a child with a disability can also register if they live in Poland. Guardianship must be documented.

What assistance can you expect

After the application is approved, you will receive PLN 710 per person. The amount will be credited to the recipient's bank account. The duration of the program is six months. Payments will be made monthly during this period.

How to participate in the program

Fill out the form at this link. If you successfully pass the pre-selection, you will receive an SMS with an invitation to the registration center in Warsaw. It is not necessary to live in the capital, but applications are only accepted from people who can come.

If you fill out the registration form, this does not mean that your candidacy will be approved and you will receive assistance. The selection of participants will be based on the group of disability and the number of applicants. PCPM has the right to close the registration system or make any changes to it. In order not to overload the server and not slow down the processing of questionnaires, you should not submit the same form several times.

Which documents to bring for personal registration

 • an identity document confirming Ukrainian citizenship or the fact of permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine before the outbreak of hostilities;

 • any document indicating the date of arrival in Poland. These can be papers issued by the consulate or the border service, as well as a stamp in the passport;

 • confirmation of a disability group or disability without an assigned group for the child;

 • with PESEL number;

 • Ukrainian taxpayer number;

 • proof of opening an account with a local bank. The document must contain all the information about the recipient.

Photos or scanned copies of papers are accepted, as well as documents in the Diia application. All documentation must be submitted for yourself and/or a relative with a disability.