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19 Jul. 2022


Financial assistance for parents of schoolchildren in Poland

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Financial assistance for parents of schoolchildren in Poland

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The Ministry of Family and Social Policy of Poland has begun accepting applications for the Dobry start program, financial aid for schoolchildren in Poland.

As part of the program, parents whose children study in a Polish school receive one-time assistance in the amount of PLN 300 to prepare for the new school year and purchase school supplies. Help can also be received by parents of Ukrainian children who will go to school in Poland.

Money under the "Dobry start" program is paid to all students, so a certificate of income from parents is not required. Assistance is received by schoolchildren under the age of 20, and students with disabilities up to 24 years of age.

Who can apply?

Citizens of Ukraine who meet the following conditions can apply for assistance:

- are the parents or guardians of a child studying in a Polish school

- have a permanent residence permit in Poland or are subject to a special law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine (war refugees)

- have a PESEL number for themselves and the child

How to apply?

To apply, you must have:

1. PESEL number

2. Polish phone number and email

3. Account in a Polish bank

An application can be submitted in three ways:

• on the Emp@tia MRiPS portal

• on the PUE ZUS website

• using electronic banking

Applications are accepted until November 30, 2022. Detailed instructions on how to apply through the ZUS portal are available on the website.

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