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11 Aug. 2022


According to what documents can foreigners stay on the territory of Ukraine during the war?



According to what documents can foreigners stay on the territory of Ukraine during the war?

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The State Migration Service reminds us that foreigners and stateless persons staying in Ukraine must comply with the migration legislation of Ukraine, apply in advance to state authorities, and submit documents either to extend the period of stay or to apply for documents for residence.

In the context of the war, it is especially important to focus on two categories of foreigners:

- foreign military servicemen

- foreign volunteers

According to Part 18 of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons", foreigners and stateless persons who have entered into a contract for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are considered to be legally temporarily residing on the territory of Ukraine for the duration of the contract. Foreign military servicemen do not need a visa to enter Ukraine. It is also not necessary to apply to the migration service for any additional documents for temporary residence in Ukraine.

We talked in more detail about the procedure for entering military service for foreigners and entering Ukraine here.

In accordance with part 10 of the aforementioned Law, foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of participating in international and regional volunteer programs or participating in the activities of organizations and institutions that involve volunteers in their activities may legally stay in the territory of Ukraine on the basis of temporary residence permit and registration of residence in Ukraine.

The detailed procedure for issuing a temporary residence permit is described here.

We would like to remind you that an insurance policy, which can be purchased most advantageously on the website, is a mandatory condition for issuing a passport.