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10 Sep. 2022


Transcarpathia will pay the population 4 000 UAH for the shelter of IDPs

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Transcarpathia will pay the population 4 000 UAH for the shelter of IDPs

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Residents of Transcarpathia, who sheltered internally displaced persons (IDPs) free of charge, will receive material assistance from the regional budget. The relevant decree on making changes to the Regional Program "Turbota" regarding the strengthening of social protection of citizens for 2022-2024 was signed by the head of OVA Viktor Mykyta.

"A one-time payment of 4,000 UAH will be provided for housing two or more internally displaced persons for a period of at least 30 calendar days in September or October 2022. These funds will partially offset the costs of housing and communal services and other household needs", - said Mykyta.

According to him, in order to receive assistance, Transcarpathians need to submit an application to the executive body of the territorial community at the location of the housing.

The following documents must also be submitted:

• a copy of the document certifying the identity of the applicant and the address of his place of residence;

• a copy of the certificate on the assignment of an identification code (except for persons who, due to their religious or other beliefs, refused the identification code);

• a copy of a document confirming ownership or use of residential premises, or a document confirming the authority of the owner's representative;

• a copy of certificates of internally displaced persons who are temporarily placed in the applicant's residential premises;

• a certificate of the applicant's bank details for the payment of financial aid through a bank (if an account is open).