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12 Sep. 2022


Canada is developing a new immigration program for temporary residents



Canada is developing a new immigration program for temporary residents

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In an interview with The House program on the CBC TV channel, Canadian Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser said that his department is working on creating a new program for temporary residents, which will allow them to get the status of permanent residents in an accelerated process.

"We are now looking at the best way to create a permanent program for temporary residents," he said.

A previous program called the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway — or TR to PR — was introduced last year for eight months after coronavirus restrictions closed the border to new arrivals to prevent the spread of the virus. It was used by more than 90,000 important workers, medical workers and foreign students.

The immigration minister emphasized that the new program will not be identical to the old one. He gave his subordinates a hard 120-day deadline to create a program that would target international students and temporary foreign workers already in Canada.

In the future, thousands of Ukrainians arriving in Canada as part of the special CUAET program will be able to use it in the future, which allows them to legally live, work and study in the country of the maple leaf for three years.

According to the immigration department, from March 17 to June 8, 131,763 Ukrainians received temporary residence permits in Canada, of which more than 43,000 have already arrived in Canada. In total, nearly 300,000 applications were submitted by Ukrainians.

Details of the new immigration program are expected to be announced this month.

As you know, the federal government has set a goal of accepting 432,000 new arrivals in 2022.

Fraser noted that his department is already ahead of schedule, despite the pandemic and unexpected pressure from resettling thousands of people fleeing conflicts in Ukraine.

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