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28 Sep. 2022


Uniting for Ukraine (U4U): what to do if you cannot fly to the USA within 90 days?

Für Flüchtlinge
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Uniting for Ukraine (U4U): what to do if you cannot fly to the USA within 90 days?

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

The United States of America is one of the countries that has most actively supported Ukraine and its citizens since the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

Since April of this year, the American government has been giving Ukrainians the opportunity to stay legally in the US for two years thanks to a humanitarian password within the framework of the Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) program.

Individuals participating in Uniting for Ukraine must have a sponsor in the United States who agrees to provide them with housing and support during their temporary stay in the United States.

Ukrainians who have already gone through the registration procedure and issued a permit to enter the States often face a lack of time for meetings for any reason.

And this is a problem, since the Ukrainian is given 90 days to arrive at the destination.

However, if a Uniting for Ukraine participant is unable to travel to the United States within a 90-day period for reasons beyond their control, they may submit a one-time request to extend their travel authorization.

If the extension is approved, an additional 90 days are allowed to arrange travel to the United States.

How to extend the entry permit?

To be eligible for an extension, your American sponsor must request an extension no earlier than 30 days before your travel authorization expires and no later than 30 days after your travel authorization expires.

Pay attention! Only sponsors who have submitted Form I-134 on behalf of a Uniting for Ukraine program participant (beneficiary) may submit a request for travel authorization extension on their behalf.

In addition, the request must be submitted separately for each Ukrainian.

Algorithm of actions for submitting a request

1. Log in to your online account at

2. At the top of the web page, select the My Account drop-down menu and select Inbox.

3. Click the New Message button.

4. For Subject, select A case already filed online from the drop-down menu, and for Receipt Number, select the receipt number for Form I-134 (Declaration of Financial Support).

5. In the message field, indicate that you are still interested in supporting the named beneficiary who has not yet traveled to the United States and that you are requesting an extension of their travel authorization, then click Submit.

USCIS will review your travel authorization extension request and send it along with the beneficiary information to CBP for further verification.

If CBP approves your request, the beneficiary will receive an email notification when the extended travel authorization notice is posted to their account.

Pay attention! For privacy reasons, only the program member will be able to view the extended travel authorization notice in their online account.

The Ukrainian must notify his American sponsor when he receives notification of an extended travel permit.

If the travel authorization expired more than 30 days before you applied for an extension, or if the Ukrainian is unable to travel to the United States within the 90-day extension, a new Form I-134 must be filed on his behalf to obtain already a new permit.

For more information about Uniting for Ukraine, visit and

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