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27 Sep. 2022


Tourism Day 2022 together with Visit Ukraine



Tourism Day 2022 together with Visit Ukraine

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

World Tourism Day is an international holiday celebrated annually on September 27. Since 1980, the tradition of dedicating festive events to a certain theme has been established. World Tourism Day 2022 will be held under the slogan "Rethinking Tourism". And if the world gradually recovers after the pandemic, draws certain conclusions, then for Ukraine 2022 will be one of the most difficult in modern history. In the conditions of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the Day of Tourism in Ukraine is not about solemn celebrations, it is another opportunity to remind what a picturesque and wonderful country we have.

Ukraine is 603,549 km² of incredible beauty, it is seas and mountains, historic cities and fortresses, ancient buildings and castles, boundless forests and boundless fields, deep quarries and industrial facilities and, of course, rich culture and ancient traditions. Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kherson, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Donetsk, Yalta - each of the 24 regions of Ukraine has something to be proud of.

After gaining independence, Ukraine began to actively develop tourism. The number of tourists increased every year. We welcomed the most guests in 2017-2019. On average, this is 13-15 million tourists per year. Then the pandemic "came" and in 2020 the number of visitors dropped sharply. For the whole year, 3.3 million tourists came to us, of which 1.8 million in the first 3 months of the year. However, domestic tourism began to gain popularity. Ukrainians discovered the country from another side, because a lot of information about the tourist centers of our country began to appear, active work was carried out to popularize the resort cities of Ukraine, and we began to travel to native, but still unexplored corners.

In 2021, tourist flows began to revive. Foreigners came to Ukraine again, we met 4.3 million guests, 70% of whom are Europeans. This year, the program of attracting foreign travelers and opening a new tourist market, introduced by the leadership of Ukraine, became operational. Thanks to coordinated work, in the summer of 2021, tourists from Saudi Arabia created a real tourism boom in Ukraine, more than 50,000 guests from this distant country came to our country. And then 2022 and the war... Some experts believe that tourism in Ukraine has completely frozen, some that the purpose and nature of travel has simply changed. But can moving to safer regions in the west of the country be considered tourism? Or a weary family trip for a couple of weeks away from the constant sirens and trips to the bomb shelter, somewhere where those anxieties are a little less common? It is difficult to answer this question, but people travel to reset and reduce anxiety levels, and some Ukrainians go outside their settlement for the first time and get to places where they could not go for many years due to constant work and lack of time. Therefore, it may be true that it is necessary to believe that Ukrainian tourism is alive, but it is a little different.

What will happen after the war?

We all hope that the war will end as soon as possible and that after the last shot, the tourism industry of Ukraine will get a new breath of fresh air. After all, at the moment Ukraine is on everyone's lips, in every corner of the world, people are very anxious to see what kind of courageous and indomitable state it is, which in the 21st century, located in the center of Europe, found itself in hell, but was able to endure thanks to incredible and brave people . Experts believe that in the first years after the war, Ukraine will be among the Top 5 most visited countries in the world, and our culture, hospitality and the beauty of the state will definitely do their job and tourists will return to us again and again.

Tourism Day is a professional holiday for VisitUkraine, the main day for our entire team, because over the years we have been able to create many interesting tourism projects that popularize Ukraine and develop tourism:

The VisitUkraine.Today website is the largest information portal for tourists - Ukrainians who want to go abroad and foreigners who plan to visit Ukraine. In 2021, the site was visited by 3 million unique users from 100+ countries.

VisitUkraine.Today hotline - 24/7 (English speaking), call center, online chats, help on all issues related to crossing the border and staying in Ukraine

In 2022, these two projects focused on supporting refugees. Only on our website, you will be able to find the most up-to-date information about the rules for accepting refugees in different countries of the world. Every day we publish news about the most important changes in state legislation and new terms of admission. The hotline provides round-the-clock support to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation, advises on border crossing, document preparation, insurance and much more.

Visit Ukraine TourInfoCenters - in 2021, in just six months, we opened 5 modern and innovative Visit Ukraine tourist information centers, which are located at Boryspil Airport, at the Central Railway Station of Kyiv and at the railway stations of Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Odesa.

All guests of Ukraine had the opportunity to receive qualified tourist assistance for easy, safe and interesting trips.

Among the services of TIC Visit Ukraine:

- selection and sale of unique tourist products of the region and individual tours;

- city tours;

- booking hotels, cars, railways and air tickets;

- sale of tickets for cultural events of the city;

- sale of souvenir and printing products, guides and maps;

- informing about the rules of entry into Ukraine and exit to the countries of the world.

They are currently down, but we will definitely restore them and increase the network after victory.

Ukraine Tourism Awards - the main tourism award of Ukraine, which helps to recognize the best market players every year. For six years in a row, we ended the year with a large-scale event where we awarded the best of the best representatives of the tourism sector from all over Ukraine.

Visit Ukraine Tours is the largest online database of tours in Ukraine for every taste. Our new project, which was launched in the midst of the war.

Visit Ukraine Merch - patriotic clothing and accessories with worldwide delivery.

YouTube channelInstagram and Facebook - on social networks we collect interesting stories about picturesque Ukraine, the best places for travel, tips, guides, tips for tourists and simply inspire you to travel.

Our team sincerely congratulates the tourism society of Ukraine on Tourism Day! We wish our dear colleagues inspiration in creating interesting projects, developing tourism and popularizing Ukraine, and we like tourists to travel more and discover new places more often, because, as the outstanding American writer Mark Twain said: "There are only two things we will regret on our deathbed - that loved little and traveled little".

Therefore, love Ukraine, believe in Victory and travel through Ukraine with Visit Ukraine!

Happy holiday! Peaceful sky!